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What is REVU ?

[ REVU] is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner.

Once a packager's ["GPGKey"] has been added to the REVU keyring, the packager can begin to upload his packages to REVU. They are then commented by [:MOTU/Teams/Reviewers:reviewers] and the packager can send updates of his package to REVU until it gets advocated by at least 2 ["MOTU"]s. When that point is reached, a MOTU uploads the approved package to Universe.

This service is experimental at the moment and involves some manual interaction. The service is located at [].

Contribute as an Uploader

Why contribute as Uploader ?

Would you like a program to be distributed in Ubuntu that's not available in the development version of either Ubuntu (currently EdgyEft) or Debian (Sid)? Then you might like to package this program and upload it to REVU!. In order to do so, you need to register as an uploader on the REVU system.

Register as uploader

What you need :

It is not necessary to GetYourKeySigned, but it is a good idea anyway. In order to upload to REVU, you will need to be added to the REVU keyring. Be sure that you have a [ Launchpad] account and that you have added your ["GPGKey"] to it. Then ask to [ be added to the Ubuntu Universe Contributors team]. One of the REVU admins will add you then to the group (== Upload rights for REVU). You don't need a password to upload packages, only to log in to the website and reply to comments.

Important note : Once you have uploaded a package to REVU, a password will be created for you, that you will be able to recover. REVU will provide you an encrypted message for your key with your password in it. Therefore, your GPG key needs to have an Elgamal secondary key in order to allow encrypting data for it. If you don't create an Elgamal key, you will be able to upload to REVU but not to recover your password, and hence, to login on the web interface.

Upload your packages

Uploading to REVU uses dput. Since Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (the Dapper Drake), dput is already set for REVU uploads, with the [revu] entry. However, if you need to set it - because you are not using Dapper or Edgy - you can add the following entry to your /etc/

  fqdn =
  incoming = /incoming
  login = anonymous

If you are not an Ubuntu developer, you can set REVU as the default host for dput by modifying the [DEFAULT] section like this. This way, you don't need to specify what host to use when using dput to upload:

  default_host_main = revu

Please only signed uploads (HINT: add allow_unsigned_uploads = 0 to the [revu] stanza in, and always include the original tarball, otherwise reviewers won't be able to look at your extracted source package. In order to do so, use options "-S -sa" (with either "debuild" or "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot") to build only the source package and also include the original source in the package.

After the package is built, you can use dput with the above config file changes to upload it by specifying just the *_source.changes file that was created, ie. dput *_source.changes. If your firewall requires a passive FTP, dput will seem to hang while uploading. In that case, try "dput -P *_source.changes".

Note : if you haven't set REVU as the default host as explained before, you need to specify that you are using it to dput, with dput revu *_source.changes, the default host being the Ubuntu official repository. If you are not an Ubuntu developer, your upload to the Ubuntu repository will be rejected.

If you are reuploading a changed package (after receiving reviews), you may get an error like this:

  Upload package to host revu
  Already uploaded to
  Doing nothing for myapp_source.changes

To fix, add the -f option to dput to force the upload.

Processing of uploads is done every 5 min. So, if your upload doesn't show up, please contact revu administrators by email ( or join irc channel #ubuntu-motu :

How to log in

After your first upload, you will be automatically registered to the database and assigned a random password. Use the email address you used in the changelog file of your upload as login and press the 'recover password' link, so as to receive your password by email.

View and comment uploads

Packages uploaded to REVU are made public. You can browse them without logging in to the system. However, commenting uploads is only available to registered users. As an uploader, you can only comment your own uploads. This can be useful to give reviewers some info on the changes you have made between two uploads of your packages.

Additional rules

(moved from UniverseCandidates)

  • you must have reviewed this package for known security vulnerabilities and provide patches for all of them
  • we can refuse the package on the grounds of known security problems and design
  • you must have included a copyright and licence file, and those must allow inclusion of the package in the universe component and on mirrors
  • the package must be known to build on top of the main component of the current ubuntu stable release, it may require other packages already in universe

Getting help

If you need help on these steps or if you have more questions about REVU, you can ask on #ubuntu-motu on the Freenode network.

Contribute as Reviewer

Why contribute as Reviewer?

Do you have some experience in packaging and know policy well? Then you can help improving the packages uploaded to universe and guide packagers in doing so, by contributing as a reviewer on REVU.

Register as reviewer

What you need :

  • A ["GPGKey"]
  • Be a ["MOTU"]

Please send a signed and encrypted mail with your password and GnuPG keyid to We will mark you as Reviewer in the database.

Using REVU-Tools to review on REVU

See [:/REVU-Tools].

Feature Requests

please use [ The revu-Development-Center] for feature requests and bug reports.