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=== All bugs ===
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 * All bugs
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 * Bugs against packages in main === Bugs against packages in main ===
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 * Sync request bugs === Sync request bugs ===
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 * Bugs with debdiffs === Bugs with debdiffs ===
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 * Bugs Without debdiffs === Bugs without debdiffs ===


Universe Sponsors Queue


The [https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors/+subscribedbugs Universe Sponsors Queue] is used by [:MOTU/Contributing:Contributors] who have not yet been granted upload permission to the Ubuntu archives to submit changes to packages for review. Note that the queue is specific for packages in Universe/Multiverse. For packages in Main/Restricted please refer to the [https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-main-sponsors/+subscribedbugs Main Sponsors Queue]. Please remember that:

Notes for Contributors

Before subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors to a bug, please check the following:

  • 1 Your patch is in [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff debdiff] format (for merges and bug fixes) or [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Interdiff interdiff] (for new upstream revisions).

    • If it is just a patch against the source, please consider adding the "patch" tag, so that other contributors can easily find the patch and create a debdiff.
    2 The patch is targeted against the current development environment
    • Unless you are processing a [:StableReleaseUpdates#Universe:Stable Release Update], the patch should be against the current development environment. Check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagename to make sure that you are working from the latest sources.

    • Check your .changes file to make sure that you have the right revision and distribution.

    3 All changes in the patch are intentional
    • Review the patch manually. If there are unexpected changes, consider removing them from the patch, either using filterdiff or manually. If you are uncertain, seek advice from #ubuntu-motu or your [:MOTU/Mentoring:Mentor]

    4 Your patch applies cleanly
    • Test your patch by downloading and unpacking the target source, and running patch -p1 < ../patchname.debdiff in the package directory. There should be no errors.

    5 The Status and Assignment are correct
    • The Status should be "New" for sync requests
    • The Status should be "Incomplete" for freeze exceptions
    • The Status should be "Confirmed" for bugs that represent a new candidate revision (e.g. bugfix uploads, merges.) In other words, use Status "Confirmed" when you have uploaded a debdiff that requires attention from a sponsor.
    • The Assignment should be "Nobody"
    6 The sponsors will use the status and assignment fields in their communications with you and other groups
    • Please check status and assignment before subscribing again a bug which required some actions (either from you or somebody else)

Note for Sponsors

Once you have selected a bug, please use the following guidelines for disposition. When selecting bugs, please limit yourself to "New", "Incomplete" and "Confirmed" bugs.

All bugs

  • Unsubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors
  • Assign yourself
  • Set the Status to "In Progress"

Bugs against packages in main

  • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
  • If not present, add the "patch" tag
  • Assign "Nobody" and set Status to "Confirmed"
  • Add a comment including the following:
    • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed.
    • That the package is in main
    • That ubuntu-main-sponsors has been subscribed to process the request
  • Subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors

Sync request bugs

  • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
  • If not present, add the "sync" tag.
  • If the sync is acceptable
    • Set the Status to "Confirmed"
    • Assign to "Nobody"
    • Add a comment "sync request ACK'd"
    • Subscribe ubuntu-archive
  • If the sync is not acceptable
    • Assign the submitter and set the Status to "Invalid"
    • Add a comment explaining why the sync is not acceptable

Bugs with debdiffs

  • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
  • If the debdiff is good
    • Upload the resulting package
    • Update the status to "Fix Committed"
    • Add comment that the fix has been uploaded.
  • If the debdiff is for an SRU, and looks sane, but you are unsure about uploading
    • If the bug is already tagged motu-sru-verification, upload it.
    • Otherwise:
      • Ask in #ubuntu-motu for a second opinion
      • In the absence of a second opinion:
        • Add the motu-sru-verification tag
        • unassign yourself, and set status to "Confirmed"
  • If additional changes to the source are planned (soon)
    • Add comment that you are working on additional changes
    • When complete, upload as usual
  • If the patch needs work
    • Set the Status to "Incomplete"
    • Assign the patch submitter
    • Add a comment including the following:
      • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed
      • The specific work that must be done for the patch to be acceptable
      • That the contributor should resubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors when the changes are complete

Bugs without debdiffs

  • If there is a patch, and no patch tag, add the patch tag
  • Assign "Nobody" and Set status "Confirmed"
  • (optional) Set the Importance
  • Add a comment including the following:
    • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed
    • (optional) any notes from reviewing the patch
    • That a debdiff patch should be created prior to resubscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors

N.B.: normal bug triage rules still apply. Inappropriate bugs should be invalidated. Already fixed bugs should be updated as Released with the release version, etc.

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