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 * Bug related:
  * [ Universe and Multiverse bugs]. There are a lot of bugs, some might even be easy to fix.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse bugs with patches attached]. If you can help to review the patches, we'd probably get some good fixes in.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse NeedsInfo bugs]. Some of the `Needs Info` bugs have been in that state for a long time, let's review them.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse bugs that need forwarding Upstream]. These bugs need to get forwarded upstream.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse Fix Committed bugs]. Make sure that these `Fix Committed` bugs are really in the process of getting fixed.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse bugs marked as packaging]. These bugs are all packaging related.
  * [ Universe and Multiverse bugs marked as bitesize]. These bugs are for new contributors.
  * Help mark bugs as
   * `packaging`: if the bug lies in the packaging.
   * `bitesize`: if the bug is easy to be solved and suited for a new contributor.
 * [ Merges/Syncs for Gutsy]
 * [ Packages requested by others]
 * [:MOTU/Bugs:MOTU related bugs]
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  * Incorporate Debian RC fixes:
 * Code Needed:
  * Help migrate applications away from wxWindows2.4: ["MOTU/wx2.4Migration"]
  * Help develop GUI tool for monitor/resolution configuration:
  * Help develop failsafe X mode:

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There's always a lot of work to do in Ubuntu's Universe and Multiverse.

Here a quick list of suggestions, where you can help out:

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