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There's always a lot of work to do in Ubuntu's Universe and Multiverse.

Here a quick list of suggestions, where you can help out:

General Tasks


Packaging New Software

Check out ["MOTU/TODO/NewSoftware"].

Patch Testing and Review

Check out and:

  1. Make sure the bug is still relevant.
  2. Assign it to you.
  3. Transform the patch into a [:PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff:debdiff] if necessary.

  4. Make sure it builds and fixes the bug.
  5. Add it to the [:SponsorshipProcess:sponsoring queue] or upload it yourself.

Unmet Dependencies

Help to fix packages that are not installable. A list can be found [ on debcheck] updated 6-hourly.

Other Packaging tasks


Universe / Multiverse Bugs

Check out ["MOTU/TODO/Bugs"].


Weekly Tasks


Go back to [:MOTU].BR ["CategoryMOTU"]BR [:CategoryTeamTODOPage]

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