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Check out '''''' and: Check out the list of Ubuntu bugs in Launchpad and:
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  * Address FTBFS issues: (alternate location:
  * Review outstanding lintian issues:
  * Address FTBFS issues:
  * Review outstanding lintian issues:
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  * Help migrate applications away from wxWindows2.4: [[MOTU/wx2.4Migration]]


Getting Started
Get started here!






Next MOTU Meeting (details)

Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

Next Packaging Training Session (details)


There's always a lot of work to do in Ubuntu's Universe and Multiverse.

Here a quick list of suggestions, where you can help out:

General Tasks

Packaging New Software

Check out MOTU/TODO/NewSoftware.

Patch Testing and Review

Check out the list of Ubuntu bugs in Launchpad and:

  1. Make sure the bug is still relevant.
  2. Assign it to you.
  3. Transform the patch into a debdiff if necessary.

  4. Make sure it builds and fixes the bug.
  5. Add it to the sponsoring queue or upload it yourself.

Unmet Dependencies

Help to fix packages that are not installable. A list can be found on debcheck updated 6-hourly.

  • Component-specific unmetdeps lists are also available: universe multiverse

  • Some of them are main packages, please sort them out. If you want to take care of them... even better. Smile :)

  • Best to use a clean pbuilder environment if possible. See: PbuilderHowto.

  • apt-get source <package> and debuild or dpkg-buildpackage`

  • Many of the packages just need a fresh rebuild.

Other Packaging tasks

Universe / Multiverse Bugs

Check out MOTU/TODO/Bugs.

Go back to MOTU.

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