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Desktop Integration of SIP/IM in the (K)Ubuntu Desktop



Existing free IM software connects to either a single network (such as Jabber) and implements as much of that network's functionality as possible, or provides plugin architecture to connect to various networks and attempts to implement as many of the features in common on those networks. In either case the result is a large base of code which tries to do a great number of different tasks from the same program, leading to complicated and confusing user interfaces, poorly maintained areas of code, and violates the general principle of 'do one thing and do it well'.


Defining an extensible interface between backend server connections and to the user interfaces will allow seperate simpler programs to implement one part of the functionality, be it reliable connection to a Jabber or a SIP server, or present a single consistent user interface to the user for having an IM chat, making a voice call, or transferring a file.

Scope and Use Cases


Implementation Plan


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