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 * [:MOTURuby] cares for all packages related to the Ruby programming language (interpreter + packages written in Ruby)

This shall become the rootlevel page for the ubuntu MOTU team pages.

The idea is to

  • separate the MOTU package maintenance work into subtopics for the different interests that
    • touch a set of packages in universe and
    • can be grouped to concentrate the work in a team rather than to put it on a single maintainers shoulders.
  • be able to better
    • plan transitions
    • discuss needed changes
    • organize work.

MOTU teams should not only be formed by universe maintainers, but also by users and testers who help pointing out packaging bugs or testing package fixes. They should have a teamleader as a single point of contact and may have several subteams.

All teams should work together very tight with their counterpart of the main teams found on this page [ on this page]. Strong contact to the according Debian maintainers is highly appreciated.

If you're eager and don't know where, how to start your team: ["MOTUTeamHowto"]

The Teams

  • [:MOTUGNOME] gives users the nice, squashy, comfortable GNOME experience, introduces new features, fixes bugs and takes care of the overall GNOME integration
  • [:MOTUSecurity] cares for vulnerabilitys in universe, works together very tight with the main security team
  • [:MOTUPython] guess what this team cares for (this is a subset of the main python team that cares specific for universe packages)
  • [:MOTUAlternateDesktop] caring for alternative windowmanagers in ubuntu universe, subteams for each WM are possible (keeps in contact with the main desktop team)
  • [:MOTU Zope/Plone] zope and plone integration team, a subset of the main server team
  • [:MOTUGames] add a .desktop file with nice icon to all games, keep the game packages in shape. works together with the main desktop team
  • [:MOTUDbServer] care for universe db server integration. subteams for any kind of db server are possible (subset of the main server team)
  • [:MOTUMedia] the team that cares for multimedia in universe, subteams for audio and video would be desirable in tight contact with the main desktop team
  • [:MOTUAudio] the team who packages professional audio software
  • [:MOTUNettools] the universe networkers crew, subteams for dialup, router or firewall would be possible
  • [:MOTUHardware] cares for hardware specfic configuration frontends for the desktop/commandline (printer inklevel meter, touchpad configuration, monitor calibration, etc.) (keeps a loose connection to the kernel, laptop and desktop teams)
  • [:MOTUGuineaPigs] find new software for universe that is not yet packaged in debian or ubuntu, care for the UniverseCandidates page and give help to people that want to create (or want to have created) a initial package of software.

  • [:MOTUWine] specifically work on Wine and Wine-related packages (winetools, etc.) Furthermore, open source Windows programs ported with Winelib can be Debianized and tested/linked against the current version of Winelib here.
  • [:MOTUMono] cares for Mono core and apps using Mono/GTK#.
  • [:MOTUXfce] XFCE team, which brings you the cholesterol free desktop
  • [:MOTUKDE] KDE packages not in main
  • [:MOTUServer] Processing new ideas in different "views" of a suitable server distro
  • [:MOTUIM] this team will handle all aspects of all areas of Instant Messaging, with main aspect on Jabber/XMPP Services and components
  • [:MOTURuby] cares for all packages related to the Ruby programming language (interpreter + packages written in Ruby)


If you have additional ideas about this topic or want to add a team, feel free to change this page as you like.

UDU Notes



Informal BOF - Doesn't need to be scheduled!

Form MOTU teams (consisting of members and lead by a MOTU) which may act separately and have control over bigger pieces of software, therefore:

  • on the community side:
    • Create processes which let people grow into teams “on the fly”.
    • Promote the team idea.
  • on the infrastructure side:
    • Provide them with tools, to let them concentrate on their work.


People all over the place want "to get involved", but have no idea where to start, whom to ask or what to do, even if they could just grab themselves and go for it.

Scope and Use Cases

Brandon would really like to do something in the Perl environment, but has no clue where to start or what to do.

Sebastien has some fantastic ideas for the Window Maker packages, but doesn't really know if he "could make it".

Implementation Plan

  1. Encourage people with ongoing reports to the mailing lists, which clearly depict:
    • ease of "getting into it"
    • amazing changes with little effort.
  2. Start "dummy teams"
    • encourage people to take a preliminary lead of a team
    • announce possible ideas and plans in a cheery, happy way on the mailing lists
  3. Make it understood that "sky is the limit"
  4. encourage Debian/upstream interaction (UbuntuAndUpstreams)


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