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 * [:News] - news that may be of your interest  * [:/News] - news that may be of your interest

Welcome to the realm of the Masters of the Universe!

Masters of the Universe (MOTUs) are the brave souls who try to keep the [ universe section] of Ubuntu in shape. This involves:

  • merging changes from Debian inside Ubuntu packages. For more information, see ["MOTUMerging"].

  • filing and fixing bugs on Ubuntu packages, using [ malone]. For more information, see ["MOTUBugFixing"].

  • getting new or updated packages inside Ubuntu. For more information, see ["MOTUNewSoftware"].

Those tasks are done by two categories of Ubuntu enthusiasts :

  • MOTUs: Ubuntu members who are granted upload rights to the universe section of Ubuntu.

  • MOTU Hopefuls: People (like you?) just trying to help.

MOTUs and MOTU Hopefuls can be reached:

The MOTU team is led by OliverGrawert (ogra) and DanielHolbach (dholbach). To see the currently active members, look at the [ launchpad team].

  • [:MOTUMerging]: learn how to merge changes from Debian inside Ubuntu
  • [:MOTUBugFixing]: learn how to file and fix bugs in Ubuntu
  • [:MOTUNewSoftware]: learn how to get new software in Ubuntu
  • [:MOTUTeams]: MOTUs and MOTU hopefuls form teams working on a subset of packages. Is there a team that meet your interests?
  • [:UniverseCandidates] - A wishlist of programs that people would like to have included in Ubuntu. These need to get reviewed and packaged.

  • [:MOTU/Report] - report on what we do
  • [:MOTUMeetingMinutes] all wrap ups of our monthly-held MOTU Meetings on #motu-meeting
  • [:DeveloperResources]: General documentations for package maintainers (see also [:KubuntuPackagingGuide])

  • [:MOTURecruitment]: How to go from MOTU Hopeful to MOTU
  • ContributingToDebian: Because MOTU work is about managing divergence between Debian and Ubuntu

Other pages that might or might not be interested

Also see ["MOTU/DocTodo"] about MOTU Wiki reorganization.

Some of the following pages are outdated.

CategoryUbuntuTeams ["CategoryMOTU"]

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