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 * '''getting new or updated packages included in Ubuntu'''. For more information, see '''["MOTUNewSoftware"]'''.  * '''getting new or updated packages included in Ubuntu'''. For more information, see '''["MOTU/Packages/New"]'''.

Welcome to the realm of the Masters of the Universe!

Masters of the Universe (MOTUs) are the brave souls who try to keep the [ universe section] of Ubuntu in shape. This involves:

  • merging changes from Debian inside Ubuntu packages. For more information, see ["MOTU/Merging"].

  • filing and fixing bugs on Ubuntu packages, using [ Malone]. For more information, see ["MOTU/Bugs"].

  • getting new or updated packages included in Ubuntu. For more information, see ["MOTU/Packages/New"].

Those tasks are done by three categories of Ubuntu enthusiasts :

  • MOTUs: Ubuntu members who have been granted upload rights to the universe section of Ubuntu.

  • [:MOTU/Hopeful:MOTU Hopefuls]: People who want to become MOTUs.

  • [:MOTU/Enthusiasts:MOTU Enthusiasts]: People (like you?) just trying to help.

MOTUs and MOTU Hopefuls can be reached:

The MOTU team is led by OliverGrawert (ogra) and DanielHolbach (dholbach). To see the currently active members, look at the [ launchpad team].

  • [:MOTU/Tasks]: If you want to help out, look here.
  • [:MOTU/School]: learn about cool stuff, help out by giving sessions
  • [:MOTU/Mentors]: initial mentoring happens here

  • [:MOTU/Processes]: find out about the processes of the MOTU team
  • [:MOTU/Documentation]: summary of MOTU-related documentation on the Wiki
  • [:MOTU/Merging]: learn how to merge changes from Debian inside Ubuntu
  • [:MOTU/Bugs]: learn how to file and fix bugs in Ubuntu
  • [:MOTU/Packages/New]: learn how to get new software included in Ubuntu
  • [:MOTU/Teams]: MOTUs and MOTU hopefuls form teams working on a subset of packages. Is there a team that meets your interests?
  • [:MOTU/Packages/Candidates]: A wishlist of programs that people would like to have included in Ubuntu. These need to get reviewed and packaged.
  • [:MOTU/Report]: A report on what we do
  • [:MOTU/Meetings/Minutes]: All wrap-ups of our monthly-held MOTU Meetings on #motu-meeting
  • [:DeveloperResources]: General documentation for package maintainers (see also [:KubuntuPackagingGuide])

  • [:MOTU/Hopeful/Recruitment]: How to go from MOTU Hopeful to MOTU
  • ContributingToDebian: Because MOTU work is about managing divergence between Debian and Ubuntu

  • [:MOTU/Packages/Reviewing]: How to review Ubuntu packages. A guide for MOTUs and packagers

Other pages of possible interest

Also see ["MOTU/Documentation/Todo"] about MOTU Wiki reorganization.

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