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 * '''2007-05-21''' - We welcome [ Emmet Hikory] and [ Scott Kitterman] as recently approved MOTU!


About the MOTU

Welcome to the realm of the Masters of the Universe!

Masters of the Universe (MOTUs) are the brave souls who keep the [ Universe and Multiverse] components of Ubuntu in shape. They are community members who spend their time adding, maintaining, and supporting as much as possible the software found in Universe. The MOTUs are led by the [:MOTU/Council:MOTU Council].

A list of MOTUs can be found on our [ Launchpad] team page.

Besides the MOTU there is also a large number of contributors called [:MOTU/Hopeful: MOTU Hopefuls] who are on their way to becoming MOTUs and have their work on Universe sponsored by MOTUs.

Community Information


  • [:MOTU/Packages/New:Getting a brand new package into Universe]

  • [:MOTU/Meetings:MOTU Meetings]

  • [:MOTU/Newsletter:MOTU Monthly Newsletter] (In Progress)


So you want to be a MOTU?

Current Work Mode: [:MOTU/Merging:Merges]/[:SyncRequestProcess:Syncs]

Current Freezes: none

MOTU Hopefuls are the people who are interested in contributing to Ubuntu and are learning how to package and work in the Ubuntu development community. They primarily work by using MOTUs as sponsors for their work. There are no requirements or exams to pass to become a MOTU Hopeful, just a willingness to learn and a commitment to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

MOTU Programs for Hopefuls

  • [:MOTU/Mentors: MOTU Mentors] - mentoring program to help people completely new to packaging and the Ubuntu development community.
  • [:MOTU/School: MOTU School] - specific topics taught on IRC by experienced developers.

MOTU Processes

  • [:MOTU/Merging:Merging] - updating packages from Debian to Ubuntu requiring changes.

  • [:SyncRequestProcess:Syncs] - updating packages from Debian to Ubuntu without any changes.

  • [:FreezeExceptionProcess:Freeze Exceptions] - requesting an exception from the [:FeistyReleaseSchedule:Release Schedule].

  • [:MOTU/SRU:Universe Stable Release Updates] - updating packages in stable releases (i.e -updates).

MOTU Teams

The Universe repository is quite large and it is sometimes helpful to split it up into logical chunks. MOTU teams have been formed to focus on particular chunks. They are a good place to go if you have a specific software interest.


[:MOTU/Teams/CommonLisp:Common Lisp]


[:MOTU/Teams/IM:Instant Messaging]







[:MOTU/Teams/Science: Science]


[:MOTU/Teams/Torrent: Torrent]

[:MOTU/Teams/UncommonProgrammingLanguages:Uncommon Prog. Languages]


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