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Who I am

I am a computer science student with an interest in languages and security living in Washington, DC. I'm one year from graduating, and then I'll probably be back in again for graduate studies in computational linguistics. I'm studying Japanese on the side again, since I'm quite a bit too out of practice to work on translations at this point.

My Ubuntu story

When I first started getting involved with Ubuntu, it was alpha testing (Feisty) and submitting a few Japanese translations since I didn't know any C yet. I started learning to package some time in 2007 and started submitting patches of my own and doing lots of triaging in 2008. Eventually I learned to make debdiffs (yeah, that wasn't the first thing I learned about packaging, go figure!) and started trying to convert patches on Launchpad into debdiffs so they'd be more likely to get sponsors' attention.

My involvement

I've been taking care of the spim package in Multiverse for Jaunty and Karmic. It had previously been removed from upstream Debian due to being unmaintained. After discovering a rather bad bug in 7.4, I held off on submitting it to Debian. 7.5 is waiting on sponsorship for Unstable now. I learned to add new files to packages to fix the lack of .desktop and icon for the version in Karmic.

With the Papercuts project in Karmic, I made a half dozen or so patches for Kubuntu. Jonathan Riddell merged them into the Kubuntu Members branch (then told me to join that team and stop bugging him to do it).

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • spim package
  • Patch for LP #25896 Sound inaudible after resume from suspend/hibernate

  • Patch for LP #345727 Seahorse-agent writing blank ~/.gnupg/config

Areas of work

I've been trying to focus on converting patches that are languishing on Launchpad into usable debdiffs to make it faster and easier for sponsors to upload them. Would be faster if I could upload them though Wink ;)

Alternatively, if a bug is fairly trivial but just needs someone to sit down and fix it, I'll sometimes grab it.

Things I could do better

Give harder bugs a try, learn more about M-o-M

Plans for the future


Keep chugging away at getting patches out to users more efficiently.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Mixing GNOME and KDE packages can have interesting results. I use KDE but know a bit of GNOME programming, so I'd like to help make the two play nice together a little better.


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General feedback

I've known Maco for quite a while. She is one of the most energetic and fun-loving Ubuntu contributors I've seen in quite some time. I first worked with her on LP #215729. She is a fast learner and knows the boundaries of her knowledge. She's not afraid to ask questions, which I really appreciate in a MOTU candidate. I highly recommend her for MOTU and know that she will contribute a lot to the team.

Specific Experiences of working together

For LP #215729 Maco really drove the process. She saw a bug, worked out a patch, found a sponsor, and followed through pretty well. Certainly for a new contributor I was impressed.

Areas of Improvement

I think probably Maco could trust herself a little bit more. Sometimes she asks questions even when she pretty much knows the answer. Additionally, she should remember to check out the breadth of packaging practices and not necessarily rely on one way of doing things.


General feedback

I've reviewed and advocated one package and sponsored two uploads for Maco, spim and aoetools and a brasero backport. I've also discussed quite a number of things with her that I didn't end up sponsoring. Both uploads were without issue. I recommend Maco for MOTU. I'm confident she both knows enough to be a good contributor and enough to know when she doesn't know enough and to ask.

Specific Experiences of working together

She did more than just get spim back into Ubuntu. She is working on getting the package back into Debian and maintaining it there and also with upstream to resolve licensing issues.

The brasero backport was a good catch on her part of a translation problem a backport was having. She pushed upstream to fix the problem and shepherded the fix into the Ubuntu development release and then I sponsored her backport request. This ended up being a significant effort with a lot of moving parts.

She also did some work with Kubuntu and KDE on paperKuts and getting them upstreamed. I helped her out a little bit with upstream communications. All very positive.

She's currently working on FTBFS fixes because I suggested it was needed. Her willingness to pitch in and do what the distro needs doing is commendable.

Areas of Improvement

Somewhat echoing Jordan's comment, I think she could be more of a risk taker.


General feedback

Maco is an enthusiastic contributor who wrote several patches for KDE papercuts in the last cycle. She successfully turned them into debdiffs for upload and patches ready for applying to KDE trunk.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

It seems I just uploaded one patch of Maco, it was well done. In addition to that I'm very happy with the work she puts into Ubuntu generally. Maco encourages new contributors and helps out a lot.

Specific Experiences of working together

James Westby (james_w)

General Feedback

Mackenzie is an enthusiastic and thoughtful contributor, and would be an asset to the MOTU team. Her work is always of good quality, and she often asks when she isn't sure of something.

Specific experiences of working together

Areas of Improvement

Mackenzie could have a little more confidence in her abilities, she seems to consistently rate them lower than reality. If she liked I'm sure she could also tackle harder problems without issue.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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