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Mirco "MacSlow" Müller

Greetings everybody! I'm Mirco "MacSlow" Müller your friendly flipping hacker from the neighbourhood. I currently study computer-science in Aachen (Germany) and stuff like OpenGL, GLSL, cairo, glitz, gstreamer, compiz, SVG and realtime computer-graphics in general make my brain tick. Aside from that I always like a good portion of capoeira and acrobatics (as some UDS 2006 participants will testify). I mainly like to "live" upstream, but the cozy feeling the Ubuntu-project provides (technically and community-wise) makes it my Linux-distribution of choice for all my computing needs. I am a native german and I am also fluent in english (written and spoken).

Contact details

Where to run into me online

  • #cairo
  • #compiz
  • #compiz-dev
  • #gstreamer
  • #ubuntu
  • #ubuntu+1
  • #nvidia



As I'm still very new to Ubuntu (only switched from Fedora about a year ago) I have no large track-record yet. Only recently my cairo-clock found its way into feisty's universe-repository (here, packaged myself... only little help from MOTU Daniel Holbach). Aside from that I do some sneakishly guerilla-marketing for ubuntu in the "loud and proud"-style... be it running around in an ubuntu-shirt at Windows-centric events with handing out CDs (e.g. here and here), just helping my friends or peers making the switch from proprietary system to Ubuntu or putting CDs from shipit in local computer-stores in my hometown.

General (more upstream-ish):

  • I take some responsibility for gnome-dock, which was cairo-dock a cairo/librsvg stress-test I wrote

  • I am writing and maintaining cairo-clock

  • I have written skydome and a few patches for compiz

  • my big gun lowfat, which is not released yet... patience

  • some more of my Linux-desktop-graphics research...

Future work (again more upstream-ish)

Here are the things that are constantly on my mind. While I prefer to have things happen upstream, my work comes to life (or lives) on ubuntu and thus gets packaged by myself for it first... once it leaves the pure research state and the code-base matures a bit. Note: These tasks are not presented in any particular order.

  • move cairo-clock to the next level in terms of utilizing cairo and librsvg, making use of OpenGL (e.g. providing real 3D-objects as clocks), move cairo-clock to
  • once I find time to focus more on lowfat, let it live at and integrate it into nautilus and konqueror
  • help the cairo-project with hardware-shader support

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