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How can Maemo and Ubuntu be aligned for mutual benefit?

Needs to be continued...


Maemo is the development platform on which the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is built.

As Ubuntu, Maemo is based on Debian and GNOME so there are opportunities at many levels. Maemo and the 770 are close enough to Desktop Linux with GNOME to allow for convergence at many levels, going towards a unified platform.

Challenges and opportunities

Some guys in Maemo try to backport too much stuff, why not to move to upstream?

Development should happen as much as possible outside of scratchbox


Maemo is still using Gtk+ 2.6.X due to performance issues starting with 2.8 (Cairo). Maemo will move to a recent Gtk as soon as possible.

Maemo's Gtk+ is developed openly as part of the Hildon Application Framework in a publicly available svn.

All delta to GTK should be published and aligned, divergence doesn't help anyone.

Gtk merge has been happening on the GNOME side for some time (Tommi/Luc/Xan + Imendio).

Delta is actively contributed upstream. The status of this work can be followed here.

Stuff that doesn't fit in Gtk is factored out to hildon-libs.

Maemo's target is for Hildon/Gtk to dissapear into GNOME upstream.

Hildon Desktop

Work is ongoing to decouple Hildon Desktop from Maemo specifics so it can build and run on a GNOME Desktop.

Carlos: What would be the Hildon upload frequency in Ubuntu?

Brandon: uploads have to be in sync with upstream releases (until release, what ever)

Regarding ubuntu: one has to sync up.

releases: .tar releases to neutralize stuff away from completely debian based packages


Can we use the same packaging in Maemo and Ubuntu? Why not?

Ubuntu tries to keep man/info pages into releases but Maemo doesn't want them (unnecessary footprint).

Should be possible to mark them out using package tags. Package tags: mark sections (like man pages), incl. some diff info. Install based on config files.


Maemo is still using an old version of Scratchbox (

There are currently problems building Maemo on a recent (1.X) version of Scratchbox. Moving to a recent version is investigated.

Scratchbox to be packaged for Ubuntu. Maemo SDK too?

Ubuntu on 770

Brandon pointed to Ubuntu running on his ipod.

Could start to explore possibilities by porting Ubuntu subset to ARM EABI.

Get build machines running, etc.

Marchel: Kernel Concepts was setting up desktop ARM boxes.

Carlos: Could we learn from power pc?

Who could help with setting up building environment? elmo, ben collins, scott. build machines would need to be hosted in Canonical data center in order to work with launchpad.

“desktop-level” ARM machines vs cross-compilation ? Native compilation easier?

After that, start to trim it down.


Take Perl out of the main? Maemo has Perl base see but it would be good to take it out Easier to take it out than in Debian?



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