I've been playing with computers since I spent a large portion of my savings on a VIC20. The path after that was quite predicatble, C-64, Amiga500, x486. The first time I installed Linux was in '95, as I grew more and more tired of having to spend money on my OS/2 system I decided to try this Linux thing out. All my mates were saying it was so good. I haven't turend back since. (I shamefully have to admit I've installed a Windows system or two since then, but never for my own use.)

I've gone through a few Linux distros. The first one I installed was Slackware (mid-nineties, remember!). Then Debian Potato, some RedHat, Mandrake for several years, back to Debian, a quick flirt with Gentoo and then back to Debian. Now I've ended up with Ubuntu, and I love it!


I've mostly made small additions/improvements to software I'm using. I've contributed bug-fixes (sometimes even code implementing new features) to

Most of all I'm writing small programs for my own use in Python. (Bounder, part of Bunny). I've recently put together a small program inspired by Password Minder (described in this article), the program is called KeySafe.

I keep a small APT repository with software that I've either packaged myself or, in a few cases, Debian/Ubuntu packages I felt needed some improvements. Check here for more details.

GnuPG key

My main GnuPG is AB4DFBA4 with email address 'magnus (at) therning (dot) org'.

Pages I have an interest in


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