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About me

  • My name is Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud known as Mahmoud Ibrahem. I live in Giza, Egypt. L started dealing with Linux and open source in a limited range in 2006 using a Redhat distro, but I got deeper in Linux in 2008 when I started to use Ubuntu. At first I was using Ubuntu for Entertainment till I decided to go through it. During my journey to know more about Linux I was exposed to a new fields. I learned much more about programming and web development using open source tools. in 2010 I started a professional work on those fields using Open source tool on Ubuntu. I am an active member of the Ubuntu-EG LoCo team.

I have been working with Ubuntu-eg since 2009 and had such a great time with the team since then.

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  • Ubuntu Gave a couple of sessions in Ubuntu orientation course with m.fawzy

    Ubuntu Co-organized Ubuntu 10.4 release party.

    • gave a session of how to use Ubuntu.
    • the place reservation and preparation.

    Ubuntu Gave a session on programming under Ubuntu using Netbeans ID & GCC.

    Ubuntu Co-founder of IShare ( student activity at faculty of Engneering cairo university which target open source).

    Ubuntu IShare president (from 2010 to 2012).

    Ubuntu Co-organized Ubuntu 11.10 release party.

    • gave a session of Ubuntu Desktop applications.
    • the place reservation and preparation.

    Ubuntu Organized and instruct sessions about java programing & webdevelopment using Ubuntu tools @ CUFE.

    Ubuntu Took part in Shourok Academy Event as instructor of one of the sessions.

    Ubuntu Co-organized Linux summer training for Engineering student @ Cairo University. Event temp page

    Ubuntu Co-organized training sessions for IShare members including:

    Ubuntu Admin on the team facebook group

    Ubuntu Active member in Ubuntu Egypt Loco team since 2009.

    Ubuntu contributed on spreading the Philosphy & technology in the Faculty of Enginnering, Cairo university.

    Ubuntu Always attended Ubuntu Egypt meetings and Ubuntu Hours.

    Ubuntu Wrote some articles about Ubuntu and Linux.Linux in lines and Ubuntu 9.10

As a member

  • Ubuntu I gave a course about Ubuntu essential to the staff of faculty of pharmacy at Cairo University.

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Spread Ubuntu more on My faculty.

    Ubuntu Take part on Spreading Ubuntu in my community with Ubuntu Eg team.

    Ubuntu Help new users on their problems with Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Get Ubuntu membership.

    Ubuntu Develop open source packages and application to run on Linux.

    Ubuntu Help Ubuntu Users to know about and take part in Ubuntu community specially Ubuntu Eg team.


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  • Mahmoud is one of the members who caused the revival of the Ubutnu Egypt LoCo team. It was because of our Cairo University members, that he is one of them, we were able to hold our very first release party that really helped us get the team going. I surely recommend him for Ubuntu Membership. -- Ahmed Toulan (Wiki), Launchpad.

  • Mahmoud was one of the very early contributors to the LoCo. He was instrumental in getting it to where it is now with his contributions especially advocacy in Universities. I definitely recommend him -- Mohammed Gamal(Launchpad)

  • Since the revival of our LoCo, Mahmoud made a lot of contributions like organizing events, giving sessions to, or guiding people. Mahmoud is the chairman of IShare which is a Free and Open Source community in Cairo University, through it he is organizing a lot of successful workshops like Gimp, Qt development, Python programming. He really helped in spreading the word of Ubuntu to a lot of people. He really meets the sustanable critria. -- Islam Wazery (Wiki), Launchpad

  • Mahmoud organized/s many events in Cairo University, takes initiatives to spread the word, and I saw him doing whatever it takes to represent the good nature of Ubuntu Community and making a great day for everyone adn he's really skilled at this. He has made a great job helping organize the very first Release Party for Egypt LoCo which was the real kickstart for Egypt LoCo. He is the team's man inside Cairo University as he holds Ubutnu events there, plus that he participates in all other events in the area. I wish that he become a Ubuntu Member as this will help us a lot to advocate Ubuntu and all Open Source tech in Egypt. --ashams

  • Mahmoud is one of our core members at Cairo University, his role was crucial at our release parties held there, he is also one of first volunteers in our LoCo team, I definitely recommend him for Ubuntu Membership. -- Omar Mohsen (Wiki), Launchpad

  • Mahmoud is a very active member . He helped in organizing a lot of events in Cairo University , He is very active in expanding and creating an open source community specially in Cairo university. he also participates and helps in every other event . -- Abdallah Hodieb Wiki Launchpad


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