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  * Admin at Ubuntu Indonesian [[|Website and Server]]
  * Coordinator at [[|Ubuntu-id Translations]]
  * Administrator [[|Website and Server]] at Ubuntu Indonesia
  * Leader at [[|Ubuntu-id Translations]]

Launchpad: Profile, Recent Activity, Code i maintained, Related Bugs, Translations, Answer Related

Personal Information

  • Name: Mahyuddin Susanto

  • Country: Indonesia

  • Time Zone: Asia/Jakarta

  • Age: 25

  • Email: udienz at, udienz at and udienz at

  • IRC nickname: udienz

  • Gtalk: udienz at


  1. Ubuntu Indonesia related
  2. Debian Related
  3. Developer project

Future Plans

My Future plans? just simply, provided documentations, and more contributions to community


  1. Poor in English, only native English
  2. Unstable Internet Connections, because i use mobile connections

See Also

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