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== Contribution On Ubuntu ==
 * [ Bug Reporting and Trianging]
 * Member of:
  * [ Infrastruktur BlankOn] (Infrastruktur BlankOn is a team who provides infrastructure for the BlankOn distro)
  * [ Steering BlankOn] (Steering BlankOn is a team who steers the direction of BlankOn distro)
  * [ Tester BlankOn] (Tester BlankOn is a team who tests the BlankOn distro)
  * [ Bug BlankOn] (Bug BlankOn us team who triagging, submitting and Reported bug of BlankOn distro)
  * [ Pemaket BlankOn] (Pemaket BlankOn is a team who create packages of BlankOn distro)
  * [ Artis BlankOn] (Artis BlankOn is a team who create arts for BlankOn distro)
  * [ Ubuntu Indonesian Translator] (Translate Ubuntu into Indonesian language. We provide Indonesian language for Ubuntu linux distribution. Our job description is to translate all the Ubuntu application and all the dependencies)
  * [ Launchpad Beta Tester] (This team beta-tests new Launchpad features before they are widely available. When we put a new feature into beta testing, we'll mail members of the team a description of the feature on which we are seeking feedback, and members are then transparently redirected to the beta test servers (working with real live data though) for the period of the beta test. Usually, a beta test lasts for a week, but they can last up to a month. If the beta breaks fr you, you can turn off the redirection for a few hours while we fix that issue.)
  * [ Ubuntu Wine Team] (The Ubuntu Wine Team will take care of the WINE application in Ubuntu. This includes handling bugs, improving integration and exploring new possibilities)
  * [ Security Live CD] (Team to implement the SecurityLiveCD, a liveCD security toolkit based on Ubuntu)
 * [ Ubuntu Indonesia] and [ Edubuntu Indonesia] Member:
  * Support and discussions: #ubuntu-id @
  * Helping with the organization and implementation of our [ BlankOn2]
 * Member of [ Planet] Ubuntu Indonesia
 * Member of [ Team Ubuntu Indonesia] (Moderated Team)
  * Suppoting Ubuntu Indonesia [ Mailling List]
  * Suppoting Ubuntu Indonesia [ Forum]
  * Suppoting Ubuntu Indonesia [ Blog]
  * Help translate [ Ubuntu Guide] to [ Indonesian]
 * Occasional answers at [] ([ questions answered by me])
 * Distributor [ Ubuntu DVD Repository] in Indonesia
== Future plans ==
 * Making documentation Ubuntu in [ video, graphic, documents, and other media]
 * Creating sub LoCo team in East Java/Central Java, Indonesia
 * Creating Workshop, Ceminar, Training in East Java/Central Java, Indonesia
 * Promoting Ubuntu in Govenment, University, Business man, and other

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1. Ubuntu Indonesia)

2. (at

3. (at Edubuntu Indonesia)

4. (at Launchpad)

5. (my friendster)

6. [] (blog at wordpress)

7. (at Blogger)


1. [ BlankOn]

2. [ Ubuntu-id translator]

3. [ Security Live CD]

4. [ TeamSteeringBlankOnKonde]

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[ 04221522]


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Contribution On Ubuntu

Future plans

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