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 {*} Joining {{}}[[|Ubuntu MOTU]] '''INPROGRESS'''  {*} Joining {{}}[[|Ubuntu MOTU]] '''DONE''' see [[|here]]
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 {*} To be a DebianMaintainer '''INPROGRESS'''  {*} To be a DebianMaintainer '''DONE''' see [[|here]]

Personal Information Name: Mahyuddin Susanto Location: East Java, Indonesia Launchpad: Email: IRC: udienz on udienz twitter: udienz

GPG: 90B36C5B

Who am i

I'm 25 years old, electrical engineering graduate. Stay in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia some times in East Java too. I'm using Ubuntu since Dapper. I'm also Ubuntu-ID LoCo Contact.

Future Plans

My Future plans?


  • Ubuntu Poor in English, only native English

    Ubuntu Unstable Internet Connections, because i use mobile connections



Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership

Bhavani Shankar

Mahyuddin is already a ubuntu member working hard on packaging and development with a firm goal towards MOTU. I think he should be a defacto BT member and a mentor on the team Smile :)

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