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Packages in Ubuntu `main` (and `restricted`) are officially maintained, supported and recommended by the Ubuntu project. Security updates are provided for them as necessary by Canonical, and Canonical's standard support services apply to these packages.

Therefore, special consideration is necessary before adding new packages to these components.

 1. Hold any necessary discussion on `ubuntu-devel`
 1. Write a report showing that the package meets the UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements and add it here. You should use the MainInclusionReportTemplate template for the report.
 1. Add this report to the UbuntuMainInclusionQueue.
 1. Add the package to a seed, or as a (build-)dependency of a package in `main`. The package will not be moved to main automatically, but will show up in the output of [ anastacia].
 1. Archive administrators will review the anastacia output, and for each package waiting to move into `main`, look for a corresponding report filed here
 1. If the report exists and is acceptable, the package will be moved to `main`


 * Reports should always be named for SOURCE packages, not binary packages
 * New binary packages from existing source packages, where the source package is already in main, do not require reports and do not need to be listed here
 * If a new source package contains only code which is already in main (e.g., the result of a source package split), it may not need a full report, but it should be listed here with a short explanation

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