Main Inclusion Report for `asterisk`

  1. Availability: Asterisk is in universe, Arch: any

  2. Rationale: Increasingly popular PABX replacement. VoIP via SIP, can deal directly with POTS lines (including BRI and PRI bundles) through modules such as Zaptel MainInclusionReportZaptel. Advanced call routing, hold features, call conferencing, etc, etc. Many people are now using a relatively inexpensive rackmount server with a BRI coming in as a replacement for a PABX (at least $20,000 + support), with the advantage that it also does VoIP.

  3. Security:

  4. Quality assurance:

    • Maintained by Debian VoIP Maintainers
    • Quite a few Debian bugs open, however this as much reflects its large user base with varying use cases as anything else. No FTBFS bugs. One as-yet-unresolved copyright issue with some codecs.
  5. Standards compliance:

    • The package meets the FHS.
  6. Dependencies:

    • (none)


MartinPitt: This package is complex and vulnerability-prone enough to require someone who knows the package well and commits to maintain it for a longer term. If there is an approved Ubuntu specification that requires this package, then I will reconsider, but for now I rather want to not burn our hands with it.

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