Main Inclusion Report for Bacula

Note: This package has been vigorously modified by zul and ivoks to make it suitable for main. We beleive that it is now in good shape.


  1. Availability:; available for all supported architectures

  2. Rationale:

  3. Security:


      • CVE-2007-5626 Is a configuration issue option, fixed in proposed version through packaging

      • CVE-2005-2995 old version, not affected

    • Secunia history:

      • 27243 same as CVE-2007-5626

      • 16866 same as CVE-2005-2995

    • Any binaries running as root or suid/sgid ? Any daemons ?
      • 2 daemons: bacula-dir and bacula-fd
      • no setuid/guid
    • Network activity: does it open any port ? Does it handle incoming network data ?
      • port 9101 -> bacula-dir localhost only by default

      • port 9102 -> bacula-fd localhost only by default

    • Any source code review performed ?
      • no
  4. Quality assurance:

    • In what situations does the package not work out of the box without configuration ?
      • none package works ootb by default
    • Does the package ask any debconf questions higher than priority 'medium' ?
      • one critical asking which database to use
    • Debian bugs:

      • 365097: bacula-common: Uses the same passwords on every Debian installation. This has been fixed in the postinstall where it asks for a password to be configured.

    • Maintenance in Debian is vigorous

    • Upstream is vigorous

    • Upstream bug tracker: seems normal

    • Launchpad: nothing horrendous

    • Hardware: Does this package deal with hardware and if so how exotic is it ?
      • can deal with tape backup, not that exotic
  5. Standards compliance:

  6. Dependencies:

    • libacl1
    • libc6
    • libgcc1
    • libstdc++6
    • libwrap0
    • python2.5
    • zlib1g
    • libmysqlclient15off
    • libstdc++6
    • libwrap0
    • mysql-client
    • postgresql-client
    • Are these all in main ? Yes
  7. Background information:

    • The general purpose and context of the package is clear in the package's debian/control file.
    • Package has always been called Bacula, AFAIK


MIR bug:

authors: NicolasBarcet ChuckShort

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