Main Inclusion Report for boo


  1. Availability: available for all arches

  2. Rationale: new (optional) depedency of monodevelop which is already in main. This enables language support for boo in monodevelop
  3. Security: No security isses reported (but package is still pretty young).
  4. Quality assurance:
    • The package contains a compiler and shell for the boo language which can be used right out the box with no additional efforts required
    • Maintained by Sam Clegg <> in Debian

    • One important outstanding Debian Bug #317710 which I solved for Universe... I've contacted Sam Clegg to fix it, too

    • Lots of open major bugs in upstream bug tracker, some of them open for more than half a year.

  5. Standards compliance:
    • The package meets the FHS, Debian Policy and CLIPolicy
  6. Dependencies:
    • Only depends on mono which is in main already


MartinPitt: software is still very young and has many bugs, IMHO a new programming language should mature a bit before we officially support it; however, it is okay security-wise. I'd like to get a second opinion on that.

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