Main Inclusion Report for sourcepackage


  1. Availability:; available for all supported architectures.

  2. Rationale:

    • will become default browser in hardy and go on CD
  3. Security:

    • Upstream and extended support by vendors in place
  4. Quality assurance:

    • works out of the box
    • no debconf questions asked
    • ubuntu-mozillateam takes care for maintenance (no debian upstream)
  5. Standards compliance:

    • should be standards compliance, except that we don't do the useless split of chrome/ to /usr/share/ as we don't ship an arch all package.
    • Packaging system: cdbs + quilt
  6. Dependencies:

    • all dependencies are in main
  7. Background information:

    • this package replaces the old firefox package featurewise and will eventually also technically replace/conflict on it. The name firefox-3.0 was choosen to ease the transition and to provide preview releases.


MIR bug:

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