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Main Inclusion Report for jack-audio-connection-kit

Note: when writing a report this template should be vigorously edited; as a rule of thumb, every individual point should be replaced with a description of the actual situation in the package in question. The purpose of the report is to convey information to the reviewer, so there is no problem with varying the text in the bullet items, or with adding additional information.

Please be informative, and in particular be thorough in investigating and explaining any weaknesses and problems with the package. The purpose of the report is to show to the reviewer that the package has been properly investigated, and to give the reviewer the information from that investigation, for their decision.


  1. Availability: []; Available for all supported architectures.

  2. Rationale:

    • Build dependency of the 'jack' alsa plugin (now disabled in libasound2-plugins)
  3. Security:

    • No [ CVE entries] known.

    • No [ Secunia history] known

    • Only binaries in jackd, none of which are suid/sgid: realtime capabilities are nowadays granted to users/groups though /etc/security/limits.conf
    • jackd is of course a daemon, but is not automatically started on startup
    • jackd does not listen for network connections itself - it requires the installation of a separately available 'netjack' driver for this.
    • No source code review is performed that we know of.
  4. Quality assurance:

  5. Standards compliance:

  6. Dependencies:

    • ...
    • Are these all in main ?
  7. Background information:

    • The general purpose and context of the package should be clear from the package's debian/control file. If it isn't then please explain.
    • What do upstream call this software ? Has it had different names in the past ?


MIR bug: []

The author of this report should put their name here; reviewers will add comments etc. too