Main Inclusion Report for lensfun


  1. Availability:; builds for all supported architectures

  2. Rationale:

    • Build dependency of Digikam (could also be used by recent version of ufraw)
    • Provides automatic photo corrections for camera/lens artifacts
  3. Security:

    • CVE entries: none

    • Secunia history: none

    • No suid binaries, no daemons - only binary shipped is shared library.
    • Network activity: does not open network ports or receives any data from network.
    • Library is used to process binary data (photos) passed by caller (application like Digikam/ufraw).
    • No source code review performed.
  4. Quality assurance:

    • Works out of box for all configurations.
    • Does not ask any debconf questions.
    • Debian bugs: not yet in debian (waiting in Debian NEW queue)

    • Maintenance in Debian: just packaged, pending to get through NEW queue.

    • Upstream is calm (mostly focused around one main developer).

    • Upstream bug tracker: no critical issues

    • Hardware: does not deal directly with HW.
    • There are some unit tests in "tests" directory and they are executed during build.
  5. UI standards:

    • No UI
  6. Standards compliance:

  7. Dependencies:

    • debhelper (>= 7), autotools-dev, cdbs, python, doxygen, libglib2.0-dev, libpng12-dev

    • All are in main.
  8. Maintenance:

    • Most of code maintenance is expected upstream, we can expect some Wishlist bugs for support od addional cameras/lenses (may be backported or get from ptlens as patch).
    • Digikam packagers in Ubuntu (Luka Renko) and Debian (Mark Purcell) are expected to look over the bugs and work with upstream. There is also Pascal de Bruijn that did initial packaging on REVU and has some pending patches backported for consideration.

  9. Background information:

    • The general purpose and context of the package should be clear from the package's debian/control file. If it isn't then please explain.
    • LensFun/lensfun name was used consistently.
  10. Internationalization:

    • No UI


MIR bug:

LukaRenko (Lure @ IRC, lure @ LP)

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