Main Inclusion Report for rtkit


  1. Availability:; available for all supported architectures.

  2. Runtime dependency of PulseAudio, needed to get high priority scheduling for audio playback.

  3. Security:

    • CVE entries: No entries at this time.

    • Secunia history: No entries at this time.

    • No binaries running as root or suid root. There is the rtkit daemon, which runs as the rtkit user.
    • This package doesn't deal with network activity.
    • This package does not process structured data.
    • No code review performed, due to my inexperience with scheduling and user privileges. A security audit would probably be useful.
  4. Quality assurance:

    • The package should work out of the box with no configuration.
    • The package does not ask any debconf questions.
    • The package is not yet in Debian. I have filed an ITP for rtkit, however policykit-1 needs to get into Debian before rtkit can be uploaded.

    • I will be the Debian maintainer once this package gets into Debian.
    • Upstream is frenetic. There is no homepage for this package, just a download location.

    • The only known bug tracker is RedHat's Bugzilla, which doesn't have any rtkit bugs in it at the moment.

    • This package does not deal with hardware.
    • There is no test suite in the upstream package. There is an rtkit test binary, however that requires the correct kernel to work properly, and cannot be run at build time.
  5. UI standards:

    • There are no user visible strings.
    • There are no translatable strings.
    • There are no end-user applications.
  6. Standards compliance:

    • The package is FHS and Debian Policy compliant, version 3.8.2.

    • Packaging system is cdbs, There is one patch which allows rtkit to build on armel, which has been sent upstream.
  7. Dependencies:

    • cdbs,
    • debhelper
    • autotools-dev
    • libdbus-1-dev
    • libpolkit-backend-1-dev
    • libcap-dev
    • All dependencies are in main.
  8. Maintenance:

    • This package is likely to require very little maintenance, as it is small.
    • I Luke Yelavich will be responsible for monitoring this package, both in Ubuntu, and in Debian once it is available.
  9. Background information:

    • The debian/control file should make the purpose of the package clear.
    • Upstream call this package rtkit, and this is the only name it has been given.
  10. Internationalization:

    • There are no graphical applications.


MIR bug:

Report Author: Luke Yelavich <>

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