Main Inclusion Report for sdlpango


  1. Availability:;

    • Available for i386, amd64, ppc and sparc.
  2. Rationale:

    • Build dependency of tuxtype.
    • Build dependency of tuxpaint 0.9.18+ (Hardy currently has 0.9.17)
    • Both packages are in main due to Edubuntu. Tuxpaint can be built without it. Tuxtype added the dependency at 1.5.14 to add support for indic languages.
  3. Security:

    • CVE entries: None. There are two on sdlimage, and one hit for pango.

    • Secunia history: None.

    • Any binaries running as root or suid/sgid ? NO Any daemons ? NO
    • Network activity: does it open any port ? NO Does it handle incoming network data ? NO
    • Any source code review performed ? NO (The approver will do a quick and shallow check.)
  4. Quality assurance:

    • In what situations does the package not work out of the box without configuration ? NONE?
    • Does the package ask any debconf questions higher than priority 'medium' ? No debconf
    • Debian bugs: Only one bug. Doesn't seem relevant.

    • Maintenance in Debian is vigorous. Supported by the Debian SDL team.

    • Upstream is calm/dead? Last edits to CVS 2 years ago. Last release December 2004.

    • Upstream bug tracker: Nothing of interest. The patch is discussed below.

    • Hardware: Does this package deal with hardware and if so how exotic is it ? Doesn't deal with hardware.
    • Lintian report:
    • Now running lintian...
    • W: sdlpango source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.7.2 (current is 3.7.3)
    • E: sdlpango source: outdated-autotools-helper-file config.guess 2003-02-22
    • E: sdlpango source: outdated-autotools-helper-file config.sub 2003-02-22
    • Finished running lintian.
  5. Standards compliance:

  6. Dependencies:

    • libsdl1.2-dev
    • debhelper
    • cdbs
    • libpango1.0-dev
    • quilt
    • Are these all in main ? yes
  7. Background information:

    • Debian API is different from that upstream. Package contains api_additions.patch from Sept 06. Listed as "patch from Guillaume Cottenceau to add some missing functions." Same patch seems to be submitted upstream as API extension for Frozen Bubble. The upstream submitted patch is SDL_Pango-0.1.2-API-adds.patch. The sourceforge entry claims that FreeBSD also have this patch, and it is for Frozen Bubble. FreeBSD's changelog doesn't mention the patch unless it was added to the first version. FreeBSD do have the patch as added to their source. Gentoo also seem to have the patch.

    • What do upstream call this software ? SDL_Pango Has it had different names in the past ? NO


MIR bug:

The author of this report should put their name here; reviewers will add comments etc. too


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