Main Inclusion Report for xserver-xorg-video-amd

  1. Availability: The package is in Ubuntu universe, and builds for the architecture it is designed to work on.
  2. Rationale: The xserver-xorg-video-amd is required for several thin client terminal that are based on the AMD Geode chipset that is used in most LTSP-compatible products currently on the market. It is also used in the OLPC XO computer.
  3. Security:
  4. Quality assurance:
    • Package works out of the box with no configuration required.
    • Package does not ask any debconf questions
    • Debian bugs: none currently open.

    • Maintenance in Debian is handled by myself as well.

    • Upstream is actively improving the package. The main developers are employed or contracted by AMD or the OLPC project and are working towards achieving a formal release.
    • There are no long-term outstanding bugs which affect the usability of the program to a major degree.
    • There are no known bugs.
    • xserver-xorg-video-amd covers a class of hardware that is not yet covered by existing drivers and yet it is already commonplace on the market.
  5. Standards compliance: The package meets common packaging standards
    • FHS
    • Debian Policy
    • Debian library packaging guide standards.
    • The source packaging uses standard debhelper build rules with CDBS.
  6. Dependencies:
    • All dependencies are in main


MartinPitt: approved

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