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The Ubuntu Maine-iacs are currently working on a new website. It may end up hosted on a domain of one of the members. The Ubuntu Maine-iacs website is now active. The address is


Welcome to the page for the Ubuntu Maine-iacs. Our purpose is to spread the knowledge of Ubuntu Linux throughout the state of Maine.


We can be found on irc in the #ubuntu-maine room on If you have any questions about the team, you can contact dayylin or claydoh, both of which can be found in irc.

How to Contribute

If you are interested in joining our team please apply on our launchpad page MaineTeam All that is required is residency in Maine and a desire to see Ubuntu grow. Please join us in irc, the forums, or the mailing list.


We have our own LoCo forum at ubuntuforums. Visit

Mailing list

We now have a official mailing list, to join just go to enter the information and you will be able to get all the fun stuff.


Free Software Day is rapidly coming up. Time to plan a event to mark the occasion and get the word out. If you have some ideas, please head over to the forum or website and post it.

Launchpad Membership Policy

Our policy on membership is very simple. If you want to help spread the word about Ubuntu and are willing to work with us to accomplish the goal, you are welcome to join our little group.


The Ubuntu Maine-iacs website is now active. The address is


We are looking to set up some irc meetings and some face to face meetings. We need some more feedback on when would be a good day. I am thinking that Saturdays at 7pm or so. Please feel free to let us know your opinion.

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