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Ipoh/Lumut 11.10 Oneiric Release party

  • Date: October 15th 2011

  • Venue: KFCSitiawanPerak

  • Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Organizer: MakLan

  • Details:
    • There are 4 person attending the release party MakLan, Fazil Amin, Amri Ahmad a.k.a Wise.QNet, and another 1 (missed to take his photo because already on ride). On the party they get to know each other, discussing about 11.10 Oneiric, sharing thoughts and knowledge regarding Ubuntu and FLOSS and dissolve after a hour and half later.

(Notes- only MakLan wearing Oneiric shirts due to some technical issues regarding the parcel delivery to each members for the shirt)

Skudai Johor 11.10 Oneiric Release Party

Kuala Lumpur 11.10 Oneiric Release Party

Nilai Negeri Sembilan 11.10 Oneiric Release Party

  • Date: 15th October 2011
  • Venue:

  • Time: 12pm - 3pm
  • Organizer: Aizuddin

  • Details:
    • There are 4 people attending this party Aizuddin,Fauzi, Adlil and Zuhair.

    • Ice breaking session being held since most of us are communicated on FB.
    • Oh,we forgot to take picture for this event. Sorry about that.
    • Installation of OneiricOcelot on Zuhair notebook on that day.

    • Discussion on OneiricOcelot being held as well.

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