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Approval Application for Malaysia LoCo Team (MalaysianTeam)


The Malaysian Ubuntu portal aims to be the one stop for everything Ubuntu and for Malaysian Ubuntu lovers to gather to share, meetup and just to hang out. Embracing the humanity theme of Ubuntu, we welcome all who are interested in Ubuntu, GNU/Linux and Open Source Software in general to join us making Malaysia great for Ubuntu, GNU/Linux and Open Source.

Key Details


  • To be Approved LoCo Team - (OK) DONE - March 31, 2009
    To get the Malaysia LoCo Team (MalaysianTeam) approved as an Approved LoCo Team.

  • Spreading Ubuntu
    To spread the Ubuntu's spirit to all Malaysians as well as strengthen Ubuntu brand in Malaysia in business, education and government.

  • Provide local supports
    To give / provide supports to local / Malaysian users through forum, IRC, e-mails, meet ups, etc.

  • More Ubuntu activities
    To organize more events and activities such as InstallFest, workshops, trainings, meet ups and so forth not only to members but to the public as well.

  • Involve in Ubuntu Projects
    To encourage members involvement in Ubuntu Project such as packaging, translations and localization (l10n), and also documentations. So far we have members already participate in various Ubuntu projects, which can be viewed from their participation in Launchpad.

Experiences / Efforts

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