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  * Date: 2007-11-06   * Date: 2007-11-11
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 2007-11-06 : 2100 - Meeting at #ubuntu-my (To be confirmed)  2007-11-11 : 2100 - Meeting at #ubuntu-my (To be confirmed)

= This page is under re-construction =


This is the wiki page of the Malaysian Local Community Team. We aim to provide free community support to users of any of the Ubuntu flavours as well as advocating the use of Ubuntu to individuals and organisations alike. We keep in touch via our mailing list and IRC chatroom.

The group is meant for anyone in Malaysia who uses or is interested in any of the Ubuntu flavours, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu or any others. Everyone is welcome to join the group regardless whether you're a Linux newbie or a well-known expert in the field.

Anyone can contribute to our group. You can always share your ideas or what you plan to contribute by posting on the mailing list and we will do our best to help you with the project.



Next meeting

  • Location: #ubuntu-my on Freenode
  • Date: 2007-11-11
  • Time: 2100 Malaysian Time


Everyone who is planning to become a member of our local group is encrouraged to register themselves as a member on Launchpad ( as it will be easier for us to maintain the group membership and activities through it. You can find the list of our current members at:


You can find the list of our local members at:



  1. To spread the Ubuntu's spirit to all people in Malaysia
  2. To give the local support to Malaysian Users
  3. To provide the place to Malaysian Users that they can use for discussion
  4. To organize events and to represent Ubuntu in local conferences in Malaysia
  5. To involve in Ubuntu Project like on packaging, localization and documentation
  6. Strengthen Ubuntu brand in Malaysia in business, education and goverment


  • 2007-11-11 : 2100 - Meeting at #ubuntu-my (To be confirmed)

Find the rest on [wiki:/Activities Activity List].

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