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This is the area to propose additional strings, comments, tips, work-flows, examples, and reference for commands and daemons. ManXamples will be added to the bottom of the official manpage entries the following standard format, so people can always find them and the listings are uniform. Please look at the commands listed before adding more, so work is not duplicated. If needed, simply add a function to an existing command if it adds significant value without complicating the spirit of the original example.

1) To search your entire drive for the string "happy", use the following command:

  • sudo find / -name "*happy*"

2) To find files in the current folder with the "xml" extension and append the .old extension to them, use the following command:

  • find -name "*.xml" -exec mv '{}' '{}'.old \;

3) To Unrar all archives in the current folder into their own folder, use the following command:

  • for x in *.rar; do mkdir "${x%.rar}" && cd "${x%.rar}" && unrar x "../$x" && cd ..; done