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== Here are some of my works with free software tools ==

=== Ubuntu Business Card ===
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==Here are some of my works with free software tools==

=== Wallpapers ===
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===Splash Screens=== === Splash Screens ===
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===Vídeos=== === Vídeos ===

About me

Hi, my name is Marcelo Mendes, I'm Brazilian from Fortaleza City at state of Ceará, I'm Living in Manaus since 2002 where I'm a Founding member of Debian-AM together with others friends, and currently also I am helping in the Ubuntu-BR project, with translations, and in the development of related graphical materials to the Ubuntu, Ubuntu-BR, Debian and Free Software by using only free software like Gimp, Inkscape and Blender, and I hope to contribute much more.

GpgID: 337BBEF7

Linux User: #321946


How to find me ;]

By e-mails

marcelomendes (at) gmail (dot) com

marcelomendes (at) debian-am (dot) org ( This is temporarily disable )

By Cell Phone

+55 92 9604 1532



UIN/ICQ: 106452350


x_madbot @

#ubuntu-br, #debian-br, #slackware-br

ubuntu-br media/graphics

Here are some of my works with free software tools

Ubuntu Business Card

[ Ubuntu Business Card] with free fonts and free format (svg) is now available.

Business Card with "No free fonts" can be downloaded [ here]


[ Ubuntu-BR]

[ Ubuntu-BR 3D]

[ Planeta Ubuntu Brasil]

Splash Screens

[ Gnome-Splash ubuntu-br]


[ ubuntu-br sample movie]


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