Name, age

Marco Buono

born in September the 30th, 1971

Umbria (the green heart of) Italy

About me

I'm "almost graduated" in electronic engineering but unfortunately due to economic family reasons I never completed my studies although, now I am currently enrolled in a degree in "criminology".

I am a freelance videographer and working with digital video editing systems but.... My primary profession is another!

Since September 2008 I am a member of the Ubuntu community in Italy, first as a simple user and now as an active member! Name

Marco Buono Location

Italy Launchpad Profile

~newlife IRC

newlife on

Ubuntu member since February the 7th 2013

IRC Channels:

  • #fullcirclemagazine
  • #novacut
  • #ubuntu-accomplishments
  • #ubuntu-fcm-coordinamento
  • #ubuntu-it
  • #ubuntu-it-dev
  • #ubuntu-it-doc
  • #ubuntu-it-promo
  • #ubuntu-it-test
  • #ubuntu-it-trad

Ubuntu Stuff

  • Joined Ubuntu on march 2008
  • FCM Translator since January 2011
  • FCM Team coordinator since June 2011
  • FCM Test team member since March 20111
  • Newsletter redactor since February 2011
  • Marketing team since February 2011
  • Social Media Team since January 2013

Italian Testing Team

  • I run tests since natty beta1.
  • Cases Adopted: Ubuntu64desktop.
  • My bugs are here.

Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team

Italian social network moderator

Italian Newsletter

  • Joined the Italian Newsletter from february 2011.

Translation group

  • I would to participate in and I'll submit my membership asap.
  • I translated some few strings in launchpad
  • I provide translations from english to italian of Full Circle Magazine articles
  • Other translation on launchpad here

Doc Team

Done some documents for the Italian Ubuntu Wiki

Guida su NTP Network Time Protocol

Guida su UFW Uncomplicated FireWall

Guida alla GUI di UFW (GUFW)

Guida all'installazione di Wubi

Guida sul DNS Dinamico

Guida all'uso della chiave GPG su memoria USB

and review...



Someone said....about me

Amber Graner wrote a post in her blog where she said... " "Who doesn’t like being told they are doing a good job. If you want to motivate people then you have to appreciate them–sincerely appreciate them. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear, people know when you are being false and they will resent you for it, but if you as a leader sincerely appreciate them, then it will motivate them even more. Send out thank you notes, encouraging messages to the team, point out the efforts of those who are making a difference. It doesn’t matter how large or small the contribution to the team is make sure you let people know they are important and they matter!"

...and a friend of mine said:

  • "you're so ... Marco, you hear me ..? Marco, do you understand me? ... when I read it I thought of you ... It is a picture of you, you are that leader, I mean that you do as Amber said... know what I mean?"


It made me blush!

and more:

  • "I would like to see Marco take on the role of my coach! He is Super as a motivator! Hahaha"

Many thanks! It made me smile a lot!

  • "About the FCM working group was a decisive person in different contexts, immediately integrating with the group, participating actively in the work of translation and revision, bringing the group to today's results.
  • Very present also in IRC # ubuntu-it-fcm and other channel, with its intervention has made possible the present results of the group. He is working very well as about the FCM group, on the wiki, IRC, ML and keeps the group together with his ranslation of his 'special' character.

And so on...

  • Marco is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate person I have ever met in Ubuntu. He has a great heart and an impressive committment toward Ubuntu. He invested a huge amount of time and work within the Italian LoCo Team, where he fulfills several tasks ranging from documentation, to marketing, to translations. I wholeheartedly recommend Marco for the membership, he definitely well-deserves it. -- warp10 2013-02-02 20:04:52

  • "Since Marco took the reins of Full Circle Magazine Italia it has grown in leaps and bounds and, in some cases, overtaking the English edition! He's organised audio versions, organised the translation of every back issue of Full Circle and if they keep translating at this rate they'll have the new issue translated before it's even written!" - RonnieTucker (Editor, FullCircle)

  • Marco is a great person, believes in the Ubuntu project and the Italian Community of which he is a part. In every job puts a great passion and enthusiasm. - FabioColinelli

  • I think Marco's enthusiasm is really contagious. He has the passion and the spirit that every Ubuntu community requires. Work with him is really rewarding! - PaoloNaldini

  • I totally agree with warp10 and others, and would add that Marco is a true leader, i.e. a man who knows well things like motivating people and giving them enthusiasm to make their contributions. In the "FCM" Italian team he made a fantastic job, most of which is hidden to general eyes, but who really knows Marco knows it as well. He is a true "Ubuntero". -- aldolat 2013-02-03 16:57:35

  • Marco participates actively in our LOCO Italian team; he is a very helpful person and he puts a lot of passion in what he does; I'm happy to support his membership! Smile :) -- palma-salvatore 2013-02-04 18:11:34

  • I would like too to see Marco take on the role of my coach! He is Super as a motivator and I think Marco's enthusiasm is really contagious. He has the passion and the spirit that every Ubuntu community requires! He is a very helpful person and he puts a lot of passion in what he does; I'm happy to support his membership! -- PaoloGarbin 2013-02-04 18:18:19

  • Marco worked hard on the FCM project, putting so much enthusiasm. Say no more, Google Translators is unreliable Smile :-) -- giuseppeterrasi 2013-02-04 19:07:37

  • Marco is one of the most active person in the Italian LoCoTeam, the driving force behind FCM Italian translation. Always committed and always pouring his passion in every project he undertakes. I really recommend him for the membership. -- milo 2013-02-04 20:01:43

  • Marco has a rare and highly infectious enthusiasm. His message (in my words) is always, "Stay positive and keep moving forward". Marco has helped me more than he probably realizes. Novacut has required big personal sacrifices and risks, and his constant encouragement has helped keep me moving forward day to day. For Ubuntu to have amazing apps that fit well with the Ubuntu story, we need more people like Marco. I wholeheartedly recommend Marco for membership. -- jderose 2013-02-05 00:22:32

  • Marco is one of the most active members of the ubuntu-it team, the historical leader of FCM italian translator, now in the borning (and almost unknown Wink ;-) Social Media Team. I strongly reccomend Marco -- dcavedon 2013-02-05 22:05:22

  • Marco is an awesome person and a great worker. His outstanding personality gave to all Ubuntu-it community a distinctive verve, a concrete sign that humanity is the ground floor to grow on. Marco is ever supporting never overwhelming, definitively one of the smartest person I've never met. -- flavia.weisghizzi 2013-02-06 15:06:29

  • Marco puts a great energy in anything he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious! It's a pleasure to work with him in the Ubuntu Italian loco team! -- silvia-bindelli 2013-02-06 21:14:01

  • Marco is a high energy, enthusiastic person with a passion for not only Ubuntu as an OS, but as a community as well. He looks to use his strengths and talents to help promote and drive the use of Ubuntu. He also embraces openness and transparency has he invites others to help and be part of the projects he is working on. +1 from me for Ubuntu Membership -- akgraner 2013-02-06 21:16:58

  • I met Marco a couple of times, he is very enthusiastic and puts lots of efforts to improve Italian LoCo groups by promoting new ideas and projects. He is definitely a great guy to work with, I can't wait to see him as a Ubuntu Member -- dktrkranz 2013-02-07 20:10:29

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Why using Ubuntu?

Because of... So many reasons... First of all an allergy to blue screens

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