I'm Marco Rodrigues and I was born at Leverkusen, Germany but currently live in Luxembourg. I've been an Ubuntu Fan / Promoter / Contributor since Breezy release.





  • Marco Da Silva -- Great member of the Portuguese community. Active and available.

  • Tiago Boldt Sousa -- Marco has been a great helper to the Portuguese community, particulary through the help provided in our #ubuntu-pt in freenode!

  • Susana -- Marco is a very active member of the Ubuntu community. He is one of the most active translators in the Portuguese team and gives a lot of support in our irc channel.

  • Cesare Tirabassi

    -- Marco is a very keen contributor, he really tries his best and is strongly motivated to help and participate. Marco is also strongly willed and impatient and because of this had difficulties to integrate within the MOTU community. He is however an intelligent person, instead of loosing his willingness to help and contribute he is learning from these unpleasant experiences and I have have hopes that he will temper down and be able to join the MOTU community in the future. I would also like to see him more active in the answer's tracker, where I believe his competence, energy and willingness to help should really be a strong asset for the community 2008-01-17 15:25:36.

    -- In view of Marco's recent request for membership, I have been requested to update my testimonial to reflect latest developments of the saga. As I said, I believe that Marco is very motivated to help and participate, and I also believe that he is strongly willed and impatient, perhaps too strongly willed and impatient to be able to integrate within the community. Regrettably, he is in disaccord with prominent members of the MOTU community, he has been asked to stop contributing to development (and unfortunately tried to bypass this by creating a fake LP account) and has lost his IRC right to talk in the #ubuntu-motu channel. On the positive side, I see that Marco still contributes actively in Debian, and, as an user, reports bugs and requests updates in Ubuntu. In light of this, right now I don't see how Marco can be recognized as an Ubuntu member. I would personally like to see him at least trying to reconcile himself with the MOTU community (obviously provided he is given that chance) 2008-06-02 19:39:00.

  • Lucas Nussbaum -- After his problems inside the MOTU community, Marco got involved in Debian development, and especially in Debian quality assurance. There, he showed a very positive attitude and got along very well with the other members of the team. He worked on the handling of bugs from removed packages (bugs that belong to packages that were removed from Debian, but are still open), and when making mistakes (which were unavoidable in that task, since it's not always easy to track what packages became), dealt with them in a very good way. Of course I would selfishly prefer that his ban is not lifted, so he can continue to dedicate a lot of time to Debian, but since apparently he wants to get involved in MOTU again, I can only recommend that you allow him to take a fresh start. 2009-05-13 08:42:00.

  • Lars Wirzenius -- Last year I needed an icon for Computer Janitor (then called System Cleaner or Cruft Remover), which Marco kindly provided. He was polite and very quick to react when this happened, and I was surprised to later hear that he was banned from Ubuntu development channels. From my experience with him, short though it is, I'd say he's ready to be given a second chance. 2009-05-13 14:34:00

  • Paul Hummer -- In defense of Kmos, he's been spearheading the packaging of an upstream app that I work on, and has been quite helpful. I'm sure that, with some guidance, he could be a great asset.

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