I, Marco Rodrigues, apply to again participate in Ubuntu Development


Marco Rodrigues

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Who I am

I'm Marco Rodrigues and I born at Leverkusen, Germany, but currently live in Portugal. I've been an Ubuntu Fan / Promoter / Contributor since Breezy release. I come from Fedora and when I used Ubuntu for the first time, I never think again to return.

My Ubuntu story

I think I'm one of the most known persons in Ubuntu for the bad reasons, not for the good ones. I started with a lot of impatience, maybe because of my excessive free time (I was unemployed and never worked before in an open-source community) and never listened to Scott Kitterman and Sarah Hobbs about my mistakes and never fixed them (I thought I was helping, but I wasn't). I tried to archive that, but I really didn't understand the problems to the others I was causing and I got banned for that (I deserved it).

I started also in Debian after a few months in Ubuntu to know more about the father of Ubuntu and get involved with the community. They've different rules and work procedures, but Lucas Nussbaum and Piotr Ożarowski teached me some things that I wished to have learned before I get involved in Ubuntu.

For my short experience in Ubuntu Development, I enjoyed a lot of things, like doing bug triaging, translations, bug reporting to Debian and help to decrease the delta, FTBFS and merges (MoM) when a new Ubuntu version is under development (I think these were the better days, because we can fix a lot of things). I think I could do this better with my the experience I didn't have last time.

Currently I'm forbidden to participate in Ubuntu development and banned from Ubuntu development channels.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

Let us know what you worked on, with which development teams / developers you cooperated and how it worked out.

  • Apport with small patches. - Martin Pitt
  • Python Packaging. - Piotr Ożarowski
  • Ruby Packaging. - Lucas Nussbaum

Things I could do better

  • Better communication with the Ubuntu community and help newbies like I was when I started in Ubuntu, so they don't face my problems and don't need to pass through this.
  • With the permission to participate in Ubuntu development, I could continue with my Plans descrived above.

Plans for the future


  • Try to help more Ubuntu Users with SpeedTouch 330 USB Modems - USTouch.

  • Continue to contribute to Debian/Ubuntu with my packages 1, packages 2 and bug reporting 1, bug reporting 2 to remove Ubuntu delta and have some Ubuntu-only packages also in Debian.

  • Continue with my translations + info.

  • Continue to close Bugs from Debian removed packages to have them archived and BTS cleaned + info.

  • Be an active Ubuntu member in different areas like (Bugs, FTBFS, Packaging) in a near future.
  • Continue to improve Official Ubuntu Documentation (

  • Be a member of Ubuntu Backports Team. It requires man-power to handle all the requests.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I think Ubuntu should contribute with more things back to Debian and upstream. This was changed in the last year a lot, but we could improve it more with the help of all members of ubuntu development.


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Emmet Hikory

I've been discussing the ban with Marco on and off since it was implemented, and following his work in Debian (and Ubuntu: some around the edges of the ban, and some actions close to violation of the letter of the request). His behaviour and attitude have significantly improved during the time he has been away from Ubuntu Development, while his commitment to improving Ubuntu for himself, his friends, and those around him has never wavered. While restricted from discussion in IRC, he has consistently followed traffic in development channels, and often volunteered or helped when others asked for help with non-development tasks (documentation, icon correction, etc.), and repeatedly fixed bugs in Debian that were discovered in Ubuntu to improve the experience. The vast majority of the reports I have received about his work in Debian have been positive, especially those received in the last year. That said, in some cases, he has chosen to take direct action that may be considered Ubuntu Development work, and in three cases, done so in a way that caused some other developer to report this to those supervising his ban. He has also on a few occasions worked around the limited technical measures to limit his participation on IRC, although this was mostly restricted to the first year of the ban, and has been significantly less prevalent in recent times. -- persia 2010-08-31 11:12:59

Scott Kitterman

I deeply resent the need to waste more time on this. This individual has wasted huge amounts of Ubuntu developer time due to people having to fix his mistakes, document things to the nth degree before any action was taken (review the amount of detail in the reports around his banning and imagine how much effort was invested in just that), and then having to deal with his being unwilling to accept the decision of the MOTU council and continuing to (badly) work on Ubuntu development. His recitation of his involvement in Debian conveniently omits that has was removed from the Debian Games team due to similarly destructive participation there.

I don't doubt that he has learned some lessons, but I don't think it would be good for Ubuntu to allow him to resume contributing. His history with the project is replete with protestations that he'd learned his lesson and things would be different. They haven't been so far and I don't find his claims that they will be credible. Personally, I would find it extremely demotivating. -- kitterman 2010-08-31 22:37:15

Artur Rona

I have no expierence with Marco Rodrigues, so I can't give a feedback about him. However, I think that we should give him second chance. Let's unban Marco and review his contribution.


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General feedback

Lucas Nussbaum

Marco has been active in the Debian QA team, and did a very good job in that context. Of course, I would prefer if he stayed involved in Debian ;), but if he wants to re-join Ubuntu development, it's fair to allow him to do that. I am aware of the things that got him expulsed from Ubuntu development, and can confirm that he didn't have any such problems while working in Debian.

Piotr Ożarowski

I sponsored few packages in Debian last few months and I admit Marco made progress. He is checking his changes more carefully now.

Martin Pitt

I have not sponsored anything from Marco recently, but he helped fixing a few small bugs in Apport (447780, 414055, 178507, 383694). Beyond that he occasionally pings me about "can you please look at this bug report". Some of those needed further cleanup, the others were fine to merge.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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