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About me

Welcome to my personal page. My name is Marcus Moeller. I was born in September 1976 in Germany and live in Switzerland these days.

I am responsible for the Swiss Ubuntu LoCo team and regularly organize Ubuntu events. I am also strong part of the Ubunteros community.

Contact Information





marcus dot moeller at ubuntu dot com



  • 20111025 Organized LinuxTage HS'11 where we helped students to install Ubuntu on their Laptops

  • 20111020 First Regional Contact cleanup

  • 20111006 Established Marketing Material management

  • 20110914 Updated the Swiss team Wiki start page to make it look fancier and neat

  • 20110615 Coordinated re-approval of the Swiss LoCo team

  • 20110408 Organized GNOME 3 Release Party in Zurich

  • 20110401 Organized Ubuntu Global Jam 2011 in Zurich

  • since 2011 Ubuntu Swiss team LoCo lead, responsible for Media and Marketing Material management in Switzerland

  • 20100917 Organized FrOSCamp 2010

  • 20071125 Published first lincomp hardware documentation in the ubuntuusers wiki

  • 20070901 Founded lincomp, a business that sells Ubuntu certified Notebooks and Computers

  • since 2006 Supporting people with their Ubuntu problems


Plans for my future contributions to Ubuntu:

  • Strengthen the Swiss Ubuntu community
  • Organize Ubuntu related events in Switzerland

Meet me

If you want to meet me irl, just show up at one of our regular Ubuntu Meetings in Zurich.

Ubuntu Meeting Zurich