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 * '''20121213''' Represented Ubuntu at the [[|Open Source for Startups]] event  * '''20121213''' Represented Ubuntu at the [[|Open Source for Startups]] event

About me

Marcus Moeller Welcome to my personal page. My name is Marcus Moeller. I was born in September 1976 in Germany and live in Switzerland these days.

I am an active member of the Swiss Ubuntu LoCo team and regularly organize Ubuntu events.

Contact Information



Plans for my future contributions to Ubuntu:

  • Strengthen the Swiss Ubuntu community
  • Organize Ubuntu related events in Switzerland


Note: This section is for existing Ubuntu members to leave testimonials.

If you know me and my contributions to the Ubuntu community, it would be kind if you could leave a nice comment here.

Ralf Hersel (Nov. 2013)

I know Marcus since 2012 as an active member of the open source community. He has an excellent technical knowledge of several Linux distributions and applications. Due to his longtime contribution to the community he is very well known in Switzerland and Germany. I always enjoyed to work with Marcus because of his know-how and his reliability.