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{{attachment:mmoeller_wiki_110x120.png|Marcus Moeller|align="left"}} Welcome to my personal page. My name is Marcus Moeller. I was born in September 1976 in Germany and live in Switzerland these days. {{attachment:kovax_110x120.png|kovax kovastros|align="left"}} Welcome to my personal page. My name is kovax kovastros. I was born in September 1978 in Algeria and live in algiers these days.
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I am an active member of the Swiss Ubuntu !LoCo team and regularly organize Ubuntu events.
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||<style="border:none;"> IRC ||<style="border:none;"> marcus ||
||<style="border:none;"> Launchpad ||<style="border:none;"> ||
||<style="border:none;"> IRC ||<style="border:none;"> kovax3 ||
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 * '''20130504''' Organized [[|Ubucon 13]] in Zurich
 * '''20121213''' Represented Ubuntu at the [[|Open Source for Startups]] event
 * '''20121204''' Showed off the new features of Ubuntu 12.10 on [[|Open Tuesday]] in Zurich
 * '''20120428''' Organized [[|Ubucon 12]] in Winterthur
 * '''20111020''' First [[|Regional Contact cleanup]]
 * '''20111006''' Established [[|Marketing Material]] management
 * '''20110914''' Updated the Swiss team [[|Wiki start page]] to make it look fancier and neat
 * '''20110615''' Coordinated [[|re-approval]] of the Swiss !LoCo team
 * '''20110408''' Organized [[|GNOME 3 Release Party]] in Zurich
 * '''20110401''' Organized [[|Ubuntu Global Jam 2011]] in Zurich
 * '''since 2011''' Ubuntu Swiss team !LoCo lead, responsible for Media and Marketing Material management in Switzerland
 * '''20100917''' Organized [[|FrOSCamp 2010]]
 * '''20071125''' Published first lincomp hardware documentation in the [[| ubuntuusers wiki]]
 * '''20070901''' Founded lincomp, a business that sells Ubuntu certified Notebooks and Computers
 * '''since 2006''' Supporting people with their Ubuntu problems
 * '''20101205''' Represented elkirtasse at the [[|القرطاس للبرمجيات الحرة]]
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 * Strengthen the Swiss Ubuntu community
 * Organize Ubuntu related events in Switzerland
 * Strengthen the algeria Ubuntu community

About me

Welcome to my personal page. My name is kovax kovastros. I was born in September 1978 in Algeria and live in algiers these days.

Contact Information






Plans for my future contributions to Ubuntu:

  • Strengthen the algeria Ubuntu community


Note: This section is for existing Ubuntu members to leave testimonials.

If you know me and my contributions to the Ubuntu community, it would be kind if you could leave a nice comment here.

Ralf Hersel (Nov. 2013)

I know Marcus since 2012 as an active member of the open source community. He has an excellent technical knowledge of several Linux distributions and applications. Due to his longtime contribution to the community he is very well known in Switzerland and Germany. I always enjoyed to work with Marcus because of his know-how and his reliability.

Pascal Mages (November 2013)

I don't remember when exactly I met Marcus, but I remember that since then I have always seen him active in the free and open source community (not just in Ubuntu). A few years ago I helped organising the FROSCAMP which was initiated by Marcus. It was a pleasure working with him. He is also very active in promoting FOSS at ETH Zürich and probably one of the most visible open source guys in Switzerland.

Bruno Roost (November 2013)

First time i heard from Marcus as an organiser of the FROSCAMP 2010. Since 2012 i know him in person and have to full agree to Ralfs comment. Marcus, in my opinion, has an excellent knowledge of Linux (and its distributions). He is very dedicated to Free Software/Systems and a real asset to the FOSS Community.

Hassan aka. WaVeR (15th Nov. 2013)

Marcus is one of the most active member in our LoCo Team. He organized/participated to our events. He was doing a good job as a contact of our LoCo Team. He'll again take back the responsability as a LoCo Contact and he'll help our LoCo Team to bypass the language border that we have in Switzerland. As official Ubuntu member and as team owner of our LoCo Team, I give my voice for Marcus and I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

Lucas Betschart (November 2013)

Marcus is one of the most well known person in the Swiss FOSS community for his work in the several FOSS projects and building Open Source communities in Switzerland. He's a man with very strong principles regarding Freedom of Speech and Free Software. He attended and organized nearly every monthly Ubuntu meetup we had since 2010, which proves that he's very reliable. A vote for Marcus is a vote for a more open world ;D

Torsten Franz (Ubuntu Member, Loco Contact Germany)

I have worked together with Marcus to cooperate with Ubuntu events and he was always ready to help over the border from Switzerland to Germany. He is one of the first contacts when I want to call somebody in the Switzerland. I know that he is in many FOSS projects and Ubuntu is one of his passions. I'd like to see when he gets an Ubuntu member cause he represents Ubuntu and the FOSS community in a good way.