About Me

I'm a 18 Year old open source programmer from Bergen, Norway. I have always had a love Ubuntu and Linux! I stated the UBports project with an goal of porting Ubuntu Touch to as many Android devices as I can.

Contact Information

Launchpad ID:





mariogrip on freenode





I ported Ubuntu touch to the Oneplus one. I started the UBports project with it's main goal to make Ubuntu touch to as many devices as we can I also translated parts of Ubuntu to Norwegian.

Future Goals

My Future Goals is:

  • Make Ubuntu Touch available on as many Android devices with the UBports project.
  • Create an Ubuntu Touch android hal based on Cyanogenmod so porting is easier.
  • Doing more translations to Norwegian
  • I would like to create more Ubuntu Touch apps
  • I would also like to get Chromecast and/or miracast working on Ubuntu touch


I first met Marius through the porting work of the OnePlus one in which I ended up becoming the community manager of his Ubports project, Straight of the bat you realise Marius is a well mannered and is a delight to talk to, and if you pick up a OnePlus One and install Ubuntu you'll find out he's a skilled developer to, He's worked extremly hard on it, asking irc when he needed help and when he gets stuck he doesn't leave it, he finds a way past it and pushes forward, and with Ubports he helps other developers who don't need some server space for there ports and a forum in which developers and users can help each other out, with the Ubports project and how he's talked to me about it, it's clear he cares about ubuntu and the community. -- bradkalproductions 2016-01-07 19:47:51

"I've had the pleasure of working with Marius on a recent phone porting initiative and I've been impressed by his excellent technical skills and his enthusiasm. He's also been doing an outstanding job with the ubports project, the OnePlus Ubuntu port and his participation at the last Ubuntu Online Summit. I thoroughly recommend him for getting membership. Good work Marius!" -- dpm

If you want something done, you give it to Marius. Be it Ubuntu Touch porting, web-development, low-level programming or designing, creating, setting up and managing network services - he excels in almost every technical area. He has proven incredible skill and stamina at solving problems and is very committed to the projects he is working on. Without Marius' dedication, something like the UBports project would not be possible and Ubuntu Touch would look a lot different today. He is also an incredibly caring person that I am glad to call a friend. -- neothethird 2018-01-27 23:29:38

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