Here is the my MOTU journey.

My to do is :

  1. package an new version for ibwebadmin-2.0 (ibwebadmin is now removed from the debian and ubuntu so i have to add it back [Done is in revu]
  2. backport firebird 2.1 for ubuntu stable releases (see the security bugs for 1.5 and 2.0)
  3. backport firebird2.0 for dapper/feisty (firebird 1.5 is removed from debian/ubuntu - security issue)


Here i keep my log about the MOTU progress


I have been using Ubuntu for a while and is time to get back to the comunity a little of my humble contribution. This page will discuss the steps that I go through in order to become an MOTU and is inspired by the friends Protonchris's MOTU page and Efrain's MOTU page.

Task List


Date Completed

Notes (See section below)

Read Ubuntu Development Documentation

10 Feb 2008

Read Info about Ubuntu Developers

10 Feb 2008

Read MOTU Getting Started

13 Feb 2008

Read Pbuilder Documentation

20 Feb 2008

Read Packaging Guide

22 Feb 2008

Read Check out IRC Packaging 101 b1 log

22 Feb 2008

Read Check out IRC Packaging 101 b2 log

28 Feb 2008

Read MOTU Recipes

28 Feb 2008

Exercise: Packaging hello from source

20 Feb 2008

packaged hello2.2

Exercise: Packaging hello using debhelper


Read Ubuntu Development Code Review


Read The Sponsorship Process

25 Mar 2008

Read FAQ on why packages get rejected in Debian


Uploaded Flamerobin 0.8.3 ppa package

22 Feb 2008

Uploaded ibwebadmin 1.0.2 ppa package

28 Feb 2008

Fix php5-interbase bugs

4 Mar 2008

uploaded some fixes to my ppa and requested fix

Fix firebird2.0 bug in hardy

25 Mar 2008

I have requested an merge from debian

Request merge of flamerobin from debian

25 Mar 2008


Read the Freeze Exception

26 Mar 2008

added build/install logs for flamrobin 0.8.6

Small Notes

  • 1.lintian wanted -$(MAKE) distclean in the hello rules file to be changed to [ ! -f Makefile ] || $(MAKE) distclean 2.Hello 2.2 is now available in the gutsy repository. So download Hello 2.2 instead. 3.There are some hard bugs to kill like the ones about /var/run/firebird/2.0 file missing in firebird2.0 hardy/gutsy package


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