(06:52:14 PM) DPic: hello
(06:52:18 PM) piccir [n=piccir@host-78-12-177-253.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] entered the room.
(06:52:24 PM) johnc4510-laptop: hey
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(06:52:45 PM) DPic: here for the marketing meeting, right? 
(06:52:59 PM) johnc4510-laptop: yep
(06:53:48 PM) DPic: great
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(06:54:54 PM) somerville32 [n=cody-som@ubuntu/member/somerville32] entered the room.
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(07:00:50 PM) DPic: Okay, who's here? 
(07:01:05 PM) ***johnc4510-laptop +1
(07:01:47 PM) johnc4510-laptop: hmmm
(07:02:00 PM) DPic: Well, we could start talking but maybe it's be best to wait a few minutes..
(07:02:05 PM) DPic: it'd*
(07:02:44 PM) tyche [n=craig@ubuntu/member/tyche] entered the room.
(07:03:11 PM) johnc4510-laptop: DPic: yes
(07:03:20 PM) johnc4510-laptop: and tyche is here for meeting too
(07:04:01 PM) DPic: cool
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(07:16:55 PM) arualavi [n=iva@unaffiliated/arualavi] entered the room.
(07:17:00 PM) ***johnc4510-laptop anyone else here for a marketing meeting?
(07:17:25 PM) maccam94: i heard there was one from DPic
(07:17:33 PM) johnc4510-laptop: ah :)
(07:17:40 PM) maccam94: supposedly starting... 15 minutes ago
(07:17:45 PM) johnc4510-laptop: yep
(07:18:01 PM) johnc4510-laptop: not many have shown up
(07:18:44 PM) DPic: yeah, disappointing :/ but we can still discuss plans
(07:19:17 PM) johnc4510-laptop: ok, we better start then, i have to leave in 40 mins. now
(07:19:55 PM) DPic: okay
(07:20:22 PM) jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] entered the room.
(07:20:34 PM) maccam94: so
(07:20:36 PM) DPic: so, for the hardy release, we want to have a big release campaign
(07:21:06 PM) DPic: so far we know we want to press release the local teams can adopt and release themselves
(07:21:10 PM) DPic: any other ideas? 
(07:21:26 PM) maccam94: we need to get fliers in places where people will pick them up
(07:21:35 PM) DPic: and for that, we need fliers
(07:21:40 PM) maccam94: indeed
(07:22:15 PM) johnc4510-laptop: are there premade fliers from earlier releases
(07:22:27 PM) johnc4510-laptop: or
(07:22:28 PM) maccam94: so they probably need tweaking
(07:22:37 PM) DPic: yeah
(07:22:48 PM) johnc4510-laptop: have we checked the art team for new ones for hardy heron
(07:22:48 PM) DPic: we could always start fresh and just use the past fliers for ideas
(07:23:20 PM) maccam94: the art team doesn't seem.... very "with" it, but i'm sure if we asked them they'd make one
(07:23:23 PM) DPic: we haven't, does the art team make fliers and those sorts of materials? 
(07:23:34 PM) DPic: that would be good. i'll get in contact with them
(07:23:53 PM) johnc4510-laptop: not sure, but they could point us to the newest artwork for hardy
(07:24:09 PM) maccam94: i think it's supposed to be fairly similar to gutsy
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(07:24:13 PM) cdm10 [n=caleb@unaffiliated/cdm10] entered the room.
(07:24:14 PM) DPic: true
(07:24:17 PM) maccam94: the big redesign got postponed
(07:24:18 PM) arualavi_ [n=iva@unaffiliated/arualavi] entered the room.
(07:24:30 PM) DPic: yeah, that's probably for the best
(07:24:40 PM) maccam94: :-\
(07:25:01 PM) maccam94: i would have liked the refresh, considering it's now competing against glossy UI's like OSX's and Vista's
(07:25:18 PM) DPic: i think they need more time to work on it, but just a simple refresh would have been nice
(07:25:48 PM) DPic: so, for the press release-- how can we make that effective? 
(07:25:53 PM) johnc4510-laptop: we _can_ use ideas from past fliers for the content
(07:26:08 PM) DPic: ^ yeah, already said that :)
(07:26:11 PM) johnc4510-laptop: kk
(07:26:33 PM) ogra_cmpc left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(07:26:47 PM) DPic: we really want to start being a communication and resources hub for local marketing
(07:27:03 PM) DPic: we need to be able to contact all the LoCo's for whatever out current campaign is
(07:27:09 PM) DPic: which we can do through the loco contacts list
(07:27:14 PM) johnc4510-laptop: canonical puts out a press release themselves so we need something we can use to blog and digg etc and to let the loco's use
(07:27:33 PM) cdm10 left the room ("Leaving.").
(07:27:40 PM) DPic: yeah, out own press release wouldn't be necessary
(07:28:04 PM) DPic: but we should focus on attracting more people who wouldn't normally hear about ubuntu
(07:29:01 PM) DPic: i created this page which we should work on a lot https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoActivism
(07:29:12 PM) johnc4510-laptop: looking
(07:29:14 PM) DPic: as well as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoMediaCoverage
(07:31:23 PM) johnc4510-laptop: ok, as a start, *I* would like to see us getting the loco's involved in distributing fliers about the upcoming release
(07:31:49 PM) DPic: me too
(07:31:54 PM) DPic: and CD's too, of course
(07:32:27 PM) johnc4510-laptop: you are going to have a hard time with cd's i think
(07:32:29 PM) DPic: teams can't solely operate online, they have to get out and hit the streets to erach out to more people
(07:32:32 PM) somerville32: Maybe create a template letter to send to local media agencies?
(07:32:40 PM) desertc [n=mmm@ubuntu/member/desertc] entered the room.
(07:32:48 PM) DPic: somerville32: canonical issues their own press release that can be used
(07:32:53 PM) johnc4510-laptop: most of the loco's however would be receptive to distributing fliers
(07:33:28 PM) somerville32: DPic: Okay. So how about encouraging loco teams to forward that press release to local media agencies?
(07:33:50 PM) johnc4510-laptop: i think somerville32 is meaning something the loco's could send to their local media
(07:34:04 PM) johnc4510-laptop: somerville32: :)
(07:34:09 PM) DPic: yeah, definitely
(07:34:14 PM) somerville32: I'm sure that some local agencies would print it if not for lack of something else :P
(07:34:17 PM) DPic: the loco media coverage page is a good guide for that
(07:34:39 PM) boredandblogging: locos probably want to do some customization to it
(07:34:43 PM) DPic: why will CD's be difficult? 
(07:34:48 PM) DPic: they might not be immediately available
(07:34:54 PM) somerville32: Maybe we could have an easy step program? "Want to help promote Ubuntu 8.04? Step 1. Step 3. Step 4."
(07:35:02 PM) DPic: but when they are, they should be distributed as widely as possible
(07:35:19 PM) The-Kernel [i=thomas@129.int15.dsl.garlic.net] entered the room.
(07:35:25 PM) desertc: specifically about the next ubuntu release, maybe even covering a release party.
(07:35:29 PM) boredandblogging: in reality, LoCos need to make their own CDs
(07:35:49 PM) maccam94: really?
(07:35:52 PM) boredandblogging: approved LoCos get a couple hundred
(07:35:53 PM) johnc4510-laptop: DPic: we could have the loco's insert times and dates of loco installfest on the fliers to give access to cd's
(07:35:59 PM) maccam94: they probably wouldn't come out as nice as official ones tho
(07:36:10 PM) boredandblogging: if you aren't approved, you might get 20 or 30 max
(07:36:38 PM) boredandblogging: asking all the individual loco members to request CDs might help, but don't depend on shipit
(07:36:48 PM) johnc4510-laptop: no
(07:36:50 PM) DPic: well keep in mind, individuals on launchpad who are active can get ten-- and if each unapproved team has several active people on launchpad, they can get a hundred or so as well
(07:36:54 PM) johnc4510-laptop: boredandblogging: hey
(07:37:37 PM) DPic: fliering and postering is something we should add to the loco activism page
(07:37:48 PM) DPic: and we could link to our resources page when we have uploaded thos kinds of materials
(07:37:59 PM) johnc4510-laptop: as i said earlier, let the loco's use the release flier to promote installfest or release parties in their area
(07:38:07 PM) boredandblogging: have you guys looked at the old spreadbuntu stuff?
(07:38:18 PM) DPic: i have, yeah
(07:38:22 PM) johnc4510-laptop: boredandblogging: i have not yet
(07:38:24 PM) johnc4510-laptop: :(
(07:38:42 PM) johnc4510-laptop: but there should be good ideas there
(07:38:45 PM) DPic: i put the useful stuff here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Materials
(07:38:59 PM) DPic: as far as materials go
(07:39:23 PM) boredandblogging: http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/
(07:39:24 PM) desertc: boredandblogging: you mean spreadUbuntu?
(07:39:35 PM) boredandblogging: desertc: hah, yeah
(07:39:44 PM) boredandblogging: it can be used for a starting point
(07:39:47 PM) boredandblogging: or just for ideas
(07:39:51 PM) johnc4510-laptop: agreed
(07:39:53 PM) desertc: spreadbuntu is a windowing theme
(07:40:01 PM) johnc4510-laptop: DPic: is that a flier or a cd cover?
(07:40:11 PM) DPic: which? 
(07:40:31 PM) johnc4510-laptop: last link, under flier
(07:40:36 PM) desertc: boredandblogging: yeah, spent a lot of time looking at DIY marketing, actually
johnc4510 johnc4510-laptop 
(07:40:56 PM) boredandblogging: need to encourage locos to think big, like get a huge banner and hang it where a lot of people will see it
(07:41:02 PM) johnc4510-laptop: DPic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Materials
(07:41:07 PM) desertc: boredandblogging: How many of these assets do you consider ready-to-use ??
(07:41:08 PM) DPic: johnc4510-laptop: it's a flier
(07:41:14 PM) johnc4510-laptop: kk
(07:41:48 PM) johnc4510-laptop: and post the fliers anyplace that will let them
(07:42:10 PM) johnc4510-laptop: and they should be asking to post it anyplace the visit during the day
(07:42:56 PM) johnc4510-laptop: fliers are cheap and something anyone in a loco can do
(07:43:02 PM) desertc: you need a double sided print for those fliers, right?
(07:43:16 PM) desertc: flyers (silly spell check)  ;)
(07:43:54 PM) DPic: desertc: yeah
(07:44:22 PM) DPic: is there anything else that people can do for the hardy release? 
(07:44:32 PM) desertc: that increases the cost of production by quite a bit, just fyi
(07:45:03 PM) DPic: well, we'll have more soon
(07:45:11 PM) DPic: that one is just from the spreadUbuntu thing
(07:45:33 PM) DPic: contacting computer retailers might be good to request ubuntu and shot it off. but that's something that doesn't have to just be for the hardy release
(07:45:39 PM) DPic: show it off*
(07:45:43 PM) boredandblogging: need to get the locos excited about hardy
(07:45:50 PM) maccam94: computer retailers generally depend on windows for business
(07:46:03 PM) johnc4510-laptop: we should keep the flyers to _one_ sided productions i think
johnc4510 johnc4510-laptop 
(07:46:25 PM) DPic: johnc4510-laptop: that wouldn't be hard to do. i don't think having double-sided options would be a bad thing though
(07:46:58 PM) desertc: boredandblogging: could canonical get the locos an advanced press release on the features of hardy?  else, is there a definitive list of new features that we can start passing around to locos?
(07:46:58 PM) maccam94: there isn't an incentive to push an alternative
(07:47:10 PM) maccam94: it's at feature freeze
(07:47:13 PM) DPic: Maybe what we should do, is write up press releases not for the media, but for loco teams to read what we have going and what we want them to do
(07:47:15 PM) maccam94: so yeah there should be a list up
(07:47:17 PM) maccam94: i can check
(07:47:24 PM) boredandblogging: yeah, features are set
(07:47:41 PM) johnc4510-laptop: not a bad thing, but it's not needed i don't think  we want to make this as easy on the loco's as possible, and the most cost efficient
(07:47:43 PM) boredandblogging: as for the canonical press release, I wouldn't really depend on them
(07:48:06 PM) FastZ [n=FastZ@] entered the room.
(07:48:10 PM) desertc: boredandblogging: right - I understand what you're saying
(07:48:54 PM) boredandblogging: think if we can come up with something general, and let the locos customize it, it would be good enough
(07:49:08 PM) desertc: so it sounds like we need to put together a short press release based on the hardy features - something in layman's term.  one page should be ample.
(07:49:17 PM) johnc4510-laptop: boredandblogging: nice
(07:49:20 PM) DPic: we don't want to just have one thing. we'll craete a bunch of things that loco's can either use directly or customize for themselves
(07:49:34 PM) maccam94: um
(07:49:37 PM) maccam94: one thing
(07:49:41 PM) desertc: well - one thing would be the start of many things  ;)
(07:49:44 PM) maccam94: we should list ALL the features of ubuntu
(07:49:47 PM) maccam94: GENERAL things
(07:49:57 PM) maccam94: because these fliers aren't for people UPGRADING ubuntu
(07:50:12 PM) desertc: that's a good point
(07:50:17 PM) maccam94: they're for people who *don't use it yet*
(07:50:25 PM) johnc4510-laptop: should point out the advantages of ubuntu and open source
(07:50:27 PM) desertc: or - at least include the new features AND the existing features
(07:50:52 PM) desertc: however, the newsworthy part is the new release, of course
(07:50:52 PM) DPic: i remember seeing an article on digg about what was wrong with the ubuntu press release for feisty and how it should have been different
(07:50:58 PM) DPic: let me try and find it
(07:51:05 PM) maccam94: yeah me too
(07:51:15 PM) boredandblogging: no version numbers
(07:51:19 PM) johnc4510-laptop: should have links to ubuntu, forums and how the community supports with help
(07:51:23 PM) boredandblogging: like gnome 2.x.y
(07:51:58 PM) johnc4510-laptop: agreed
(07:52:02 PM) cdm10 [n=caleb@unaffiliated/cdm10] entered the room.
(07:52:35 PM) boredandblogging:                                                  
(07:52:37 PM) boredandblogging:                                                  
(07:52:45 PM) johnc4510-laptop: lol
(07:52:47 PM) boredandblogging: http://blog.gobanquet.com/index.php/why-ubuntu-804-needs-better-marketing/
(07:52:53 PM) boredandblogging: no clue what happened there
(07:52:57 PM) johnc4510-laptop: hee hee
(07:53:02 PM) desertc: one challenge will be getting someone in the locos talking to the media.  most likely they have no contacts.  there might need to be some coaching for doing it
(07:53:10 PM) DPic: thanks for finding that, i couldn't find it for some reason
(07:53:33 PM) maccam94: me neither
(07:53:33 PM) tyche: Yes, please.  Coaching is definitely needed.
(07:53:35 PM) maccam94: lol
(07:53:47 PM) DPic: desertc: yeah, and any people who are experienced with the media should contribute to the loco media coverage page
(07:53:51 PM) boredandblogging: encourage locos to create some kind of kit, with documentation and CD and send it to some local media
(07:54:06 PM) desertc: we shouldn't assume that if we make a press release on a wiki that the locos will make the effort to get it in papers.
(07:54:07 PM) johnc4510-laptop: desertc: we need to get the team leads to handle that i think
(07:54:50 PM) johnc4510-laptop: in fact as we get further along we should start cultivating the team leads to get them on board with this
(07:55:12 PM) DPic: there is the loco contacts list
(07:55:13 PM) desertc: my expectation is that even getting a few locos to get this in action will be challenging, so we should start with just a few - maybe provide coaching for the approved locos and see what happens.  It's going to be a learning experience for everyone
(07:55:42 PM) johnc4510-laptop: DPic: yes
(07:56:00 PM) johnc4510-laptop: it can be reached from the usteams page i think
(07:56:16 PM) ***johnc4510-laptop sorry i've got to run    :(
(07:56:35 PM) johnc4510-laptop: i'll catch up from my logs
(07:56:43 PM) DPic: alright thanks for showing up
(07:57:13 PM) DPic: well we definitely have a good amount to work with now
(07:57:30 PM) DPic: should we move onto talking about a meeting schedule? 
(07:58:44 PM) somerville32: :)
(07:58:45 PM) boredandblogging: sure
(07:59:08 PM) DPic: okay, so how often should we meet, and what should we do about timing (since we're a global team)? 
(08:00:05 PM) desertc: most of us are from the us time zones
(08:00:19 PM) DPic: okay so then around this time shouldn't be a problem
(08:00:31 PM) desertc: I know I was thinking about the us-locos in this discussion
(08:00:51 PM) DPic: should we meet once a month, or twice a month? 
(08:01:12 PM) boredandblogging: why not do another one in 2 weeks
(08:01:15 PM) desertc: for me, feel free to ping me whenever - if I'm online, then I'm available to help
(08:01:15 PM) boredandblogging: if no one shows up
(08:02:20 PM) DPic: boredandblogging: in 2 weeks if no one shows up? 
(08:02:21 PM) desertc: I will work on writing up some notes for a press release - need to work on writing a linux speech anyway this week ;)
(08:02:44 PM) somerville32: If someone would fix the Fridge's calendar... I wouldn't miss any of the meetings because google would page my blackberry
(08:02:58 PM) DPic: what's wrong with the fridge's calendar? 
(08:03:16 PM) somerville32: Won't work with google calendar
(08:03:23 PM) DPic: ah
(08:03:27 PM) somerville32: Some drupal module bug or something that is apparently fixed upstream
(08:03:44 PM) DPic: i see
(08:04:01 PM) DPic: so we all agree, every 2 weeks, at 00:00 UTC? 
(08:04:12 PM) tyche: +1
(08:04:15 PM) somerville32: +1
(08:04:27 PM) boredandblogging: might also want stop by the -locoteams channel
(08:04:34 PM) boredandblogging: and see if anyone there has any ideas
(08:04:34 PM) DPic: and always on wednesday? 
(08:04:39 PM) boredandblogging: or what they are planning to do
(08:04:47 PM) DPic: boredandblogging: good idea
(08:05:41 PM) DPic: does this day of the week always work for everyone? 
(08:05:49 PM) boredandblogging: sure
(08:05:59 PM) maccam94: sure
(08:06:03 PM) DPic: great
(08:06:08 PM) tyche: fine
(08:06:45 PM) DPic: anything else to talk about? 
(08:07:16 PM) DPic: i'll get working on the notes for this meeting, and drawing up a plan for us
(08:08:27 PM) Martinp23 left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(08:08:43 PM) Martinp23 [n=martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] entered the room.
(08:09:41 PM) DPic: meeting adjourned? 
(08:09:50 PM) boredandblogging: sure
(08:10:00 PM) ogra_cmpc [n=teacher@p5098ed03.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] entered the room.
(08:10:09 PM) DPic: okay thanks everyone

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