mar 25 21:01:51 <DPic>  hello
mar 25 21:01:59 <xnox>  heya
mar 25 21:02:47 <DPic>  alrighty, so how many people are here for the marketing team meeting?
mar 25 21:03:01 <xnox>  3? =D
mar 25 21:03:24 >L1pe<  :)
mar 25 21:04:05 <DPic>  i hope the DST change didn't confuse people, emmajane was patient enough to wait an hour
mar 25 21:04:42 <xnox>  Huh?
mar 25 21:04:56 <emmajane>      I'm not sure how long I can stay though. :/
mar 25 21:05:04 <boredandblogging>      hello
mar 25 21:05:17 *       xnox 's clock bangs midnight
mar 25 21:05:27 <DPic>  xnox: she came at 7pm EST when it's really 8pm EST now that daylight savings time is over
mar 25 21:05:55 <xnox>  Ahhhh now it makes sence
mar 25 21:06:04 <DPic>  :)
mar 25 21:06:28 <DPic>  here's the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings/Minutes/2008-03-26
mar 25 21:07:00 <DPic>  it's short but i'm sure well have more to talk about
mar 25 21:07:05 <boredandblogging>      i gotta run soon
mar 25 21:07:21 <boredandblogging>      so let me mention the gerry carr thing
mar 25 21:07:39 <boredandblogging>      we might get a heads up on the 8.04 press release
mar 25 21:07:47 <boredandblogging>      minus the official canonical quotes
mar 25 21:08:06 <boredandblogging>      so we can pass them out to locos to translate as needed
mar 25 21:08:17 <DPic>  awesome
mar 25 21:08:21 <boredandblogging>      or stick them in press kits or whatever
mar 25 21:08:43 <DPic>  so will we get an email when that happens?
mar 25 21:09:07 <boredandblogging>      yeah, I'll email the marketing and loco-contacts lists
mar 25 21:09:13 <boredandblogging>      if gerry doesn't do it himself
mar 25 21:09:34 <DPic>  great
mar 25 21:09:43 <DPic>  do you have any idea when this will happen?
mar 25 21:10:00 <xnox>  23 April 23:59 UTC? =D
mar 25 21:10:05 <boredandblogging>      hah
mar 25 21:10:20 <boredandblogging>      yeah, I'll start bugging him in a couple of weeks
mar 25 21:10:37 <boredandblogging>      but yeah, I want to get it as soon as possible too
mar 25 21:11:12 <boredandblogging>      thats all I got
mar 25 21:11:14 <DPic>  alright. and since it seems like a couple people are having to leave early, is this time generally bad or is it just today? would it help to have meetings one hour earlier?
mar 25 21:11:35 <boredandblogging>      time is fine
mar 25 21:11:46 <DPic>  okay
mar 25 21:11:49 <boredandblogging>      but
mar 25 21:11:53 <emmajane>      an hour earlier would have been great :)
mar 25 21:12:05 <xnox>  an hour earlier as well would be better
mar 25 21:12:10 <boredandblogging>      yeah, think its tough for people in Europe to make it
mar 25 21:12:10 <DPic>  emmajane: today, or for future meetings?
mar 25 21:12:21 <DPic>  okay i'll make it an hour earlier
mar 25 21:12:25 <emmajane>      7PM is good for me because it gives me time to get to the gym afterwards :)
mar 25 21:12:29 <xnox>  Cool =D
mar 25 21:12:44 <emmajane>      and the reminder was great
mar 25 21:12:50 <DPic>  and is it okay with everyone that i've made meeting monthly now instead of every two weeks?
mar 25 21:12:58 <emmajane>      EST/DST thing did screw me up. I nver think about the difference.
mar 25 21:13:43 <xnox>  DPic: 1 a month is plenty? Isn't it?
mar 25 21:13:49 <boredandblogging>      should we have meetings before hardy?
mar 25 21:13:50 <DPic>  i think so
mar 25 21:14:37 <DPic>  hmm maybe a special meeting two weeks from now just because of the Hardy release?
mar 25 21:15:00 <boredandblogging>      sure
mar 25 21:15:04 <emmajane>      works for me
mar 25 21:15:12 <xnox>  fine
mar 25 21:15:28 <DPic>  alright then
mar 25 21:15:44 <DPic>  now, first thing on the agenda is to talk about fliers
mar 25 21:15:51 <DPic>  we have a few here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Materials
mar 25 21:16:15 <DPic>  but i would definitely like to see more. any ideas on who else we can contact?
mar 25 21:17:38 <boredandblogging>      most of the people who used to do that stuff arent' that active in -marketing anymore
mar 25 21:18:19 <DPic>  i sent an email to the loco-contacts list which included a link to that page and we got one person to add their work
mar 25 21:18:37 <DPic>  would it be worth contacting the artwork team?
mar 25 21:18:49 <boredandblogging>      don't see the old DIY page on the Materials page
mar 25 21:19:02 <xnox>  I will try to come with something. Although I'm not great artist =D
mar 25 21:19:02 <boredandblogging>      no wait
mar 25 21:19:04 <boredandblogging>      its there
mar 25 21:19:09 <DPic>  the materials page has all of the work from the DIY page i think
mar 25 21:19:36 <boredandblogging>      cool
mar 25 21:19:51 <xnox>  no it doesn't https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing?highlight=%28DIY%29
mar 25 21:19:58 <DPic>  could someone contact the artwork ream?
mar 25 21:20:53 <DPic>  xnox: alright i'll work on copying stuff over
mar 25 21:21:26 <xnox>  I'll contact artwork team :P
mar 25 21:21:32 <DPic>  xnox: thanks
mar 25 21:22:07 <DPic>  is there anything else we should do as far as fliers go?
mar 25 21:23:02 <xnox>  2 weeks before hardy send links to all Loco teams to remind them there is something to use =D
mar 25 21:23:23 <DPic>  yeah, i'll be reminded to do that at our next meeting
mar 25 21:23:28 <boredandblogging>      i gotta head out, will read the backlog later
mar 25 21:23:36 <DPic>  okay thanks for coming
mar 25 21:23:42 <xnox>  bye!
mar 25 21:24:19 *       xnox still here though
mar 25 21:24:36 <DPic>  i got an email from someone asking if there were any big events planned for the hardy release
mar 25 21:24:59 <DPic>  i told them that i didn't know but i'd ask here if there were and if not, who to contact about making arrangements
mar 25 21:25:19 *       xnox is in UK and it seems dead
mar 25 21:25:26 >L1pe<  DPic: well there are parties everywhere
mar 25 21:26:00 <DPic>  yes, but i'm pretty sure he meant like a BIG event
mar 25 21:26:32 *       johnc4510 sorry late
mar 25 21:26:34 *       xnox most of the LUG's anyway around where I live are dead
mar 25 21:27:00 <DPic>  johnc4510: no problem. did you read up on what you missed?
mar 25 21:27:06 <xnox>  I've heard of BIG events in China =D
mar 25 21:27:08 <johnc4510>     doing that now
mar 25 21:27:29 <xnox>  but I'm never gonna get there =(
mar 25 21:27:30 <DPic>  johnc4510: okay cool, if you have anything to add, please do
mar 25 21:27:55 <DPic>  xnox: well, are there any people who would be able to set up such an event?
mar 25 21:28:22 <xnox>  not really
mar 25 21:28:37 <DPic>  alright i'll let him know
mar 25 21:28:44 <DPic>  my reply is already like a month late :/
mar 25 21:29:32 >L1pe<  I think that 50 parties arround the world is a BIG event...
mar 25 21:29:50 <DPic>  L1pe: yeah but he's looking for one big event
mar 25 21:29:54 <johnc4510>     DPic: we should get the link to the teams as soon as possible for the flyer, so they can start printing and handing them out
mar 25 21:30:31 <DPic>  johnc4510: the fliers that exist now talk about hardy as if it's already been released
mar 25 21:30:40 <johnc4510>     k
mar 25 21:30:48 <johnc4510>     hmm
mar 25 21:30:53 <DPic>  i don't think we'll have any to talk about it's upcoming release in time although that would have been nice
mar 25 21:32:01 <DPic>  next thing on the agenda is ubuntu demos. I added this a few weeks ago and thinking about it now it doesn't seem like the best idea but my thinking was to just try to get more people to SEE ubuntu but having demos on the streets. It might be better to ask teams to request having a demo at a computer show or something (not sure how they would pull that off). something similar is mentioned under friendly contact here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GainIndu
mar 25 21:32:32 -->     bmk789 (n=bmk789@c-98-222-247-219.hsd1.in.comcast.net) ha entrado en #ubuntu-meeting
mar 25 21:33:07 <xnox>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GainIndustrySupport ?
mar 25 21:33:29 <DPic>  ....?
mar 25 21:33:36 <DPic>  i fail to understand your question
mar 25 21:33:52 <xnox>  Page does not exists
mar 25 21:34:01 <xnox>  the one you send
mar 25 21:34:40 <DPic>  okay it works for me but here's the quote, "Everyone should be able to get in touch with companies and just say what you want. For example, you could go to a computer retail store and ask them about supporting Ubuntu, then show off your own computer running it. They'll like the spinning cube :)"
mar 25 21:34:50 <johnc4510>     works for me
mar 25 21:35:50 <xnox>  DPic: sounds great unless they will think it's hidden camera show ;)
mar 25 21:36:17 <DPic>  haha
mar 25 21:36:31 <DPic>  well how could we get LoCo teams to do this?
mar 25 21:36:55 <DPic>  maybe add it to this page, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HitTheStreets ?
mar 25 21:37:08 <xnox>  I think we should do a hidden camera show and put it on youtube
mar 25 21:37:19 <xnox>  with something like that
mar 25 21:37:24 <DPic>  xnox: that's actually a great idea
mar 25 21:37:34 <xnox>  a) loco's will see it
mar 25 21:37:39 <xnox>  b) people will see
mar 25 21:37:52 <xnox>  c) employees will see it as well
mar 25 21:37:53 <DPic>  c) the internets will see it!
mar 25 21:37:56 <DPic>  oh.
mar 25 21:37:58 <DPic>  :P
mar 25 21:38:09 <xnox>  DPic: internerds =D
mar 25 21:38:59 <DPic>  we would be able to catch a lot of people's reactions on camera
mar 25 21:39:06 <DPic>  it could make for a good promotional video
mar 25 21:39:16 <DPic>  which Ubuntu and free software in general needs more of
mar 25 21:39:54 <xnox>  I personally like the firefoxflicks.com idea
mar 25 21:40:14 <xnox>  it's simple yet attractive
mar 25 21:40:15 >L1pe<  I don't think that's a good idea...
mar 25 21:40:34 <DPic>  L1pe: why not?
mar 25 21:41:08 >L1pe<  well, maybe only in the "first world". because in many many countries people walking in the streents doesn't even have computers...
mar 25 21:41:36 <xnox>  Good point
mar 25 21:41:43 <DPic>  L1pe: well with that we'd be targeting the "first world" but i think it's a good idea for that
mar 25 21:42:06 >L1pe<  and in my opinion you just can't make somebody in the street to change there OSes
mar 25 21:42:41 <DPic>  that is true but i think some promotional videos could help a lot if they served to educate consumers
mar 25 21:43:16 >L1pe<  sure
mar 25 21:43:19 <xnox>  "Regular mum stripping DRM while cooking breakfast?" =D from ubuntuforums i think
mar 25 21:44:00 <DPic>  hah
mar 25 21:44:30 <DPic>  last on the agenda is team jobs
mar 25 21:44:31 <xnox>  "Ubuntu - Linux for human beings; Unable your Medibuntu repository =D"
mar 25 21:44:35 >L1pe<  maybe some crazzy promotional videos, (I really like that kind of marketing)
mar 25 21:44:45 -->     bashohIII (n=bashohII@60-62-87-130.rev.home.ne.jp) ha entrado en #ubuntu-meeting
mar 25 21:44:51 <DPic>  what kind of "crazzy" do you mean?
mar 25 21:45:14 <xnox>  Walk into dell store and boot all computer
mar 25 21:45:22 <xnox>  s into ubuntu live cd
mar 25 21:45:33 <xnox>  catch on camera reaction of people =D
mar 25 21:45:42 -->     dthacker (n=dthacker@ ha entrado en #ubuntu-meeting
mar 25 21:45:49 <xnox>  Oh dell stores are shut down aren't they
mar 25 21:45:50 <DPic>  yeah, but it'd be hard to pull off
mar 25 21:46:03 >L1pe<  like 100 loco members runing in the streets of dubai with live cds :)
mar 25 21:46:24 <xnox>  ROLF
mar 25 21:46:53 <DPic>  rolling on laughing floor?
mar 25 21:47:31 *       xnox I knew I never knew chatspeak
mar 25 21:47:59 <xnox>  it's RLOF isn't it?
mar 25 21:48:07 <xnox>  but yeah close enough =D
mar 25 21:48:23 *       xnox is Russian
mar 25 21:48:48 <DPic>  xnox: it's ROFL --> rolling on the floor laughing :)
mar 25 21:48:58 <xnox>  ahhh that's the one
mar 25 21:49:31 <DPic>  haha anyways, team jobs. is anyone here interested in being the meeting manager? if not i'll email the list about it
mar 25 21:49:54 <DPic>  anyone?
mar 25 21:49:59 <DPic>  going once
mar 25 21:50:02 <DPic>  going twice
mar 25 21:50:06 <DPic>  going
mar 25 21:50:08 <DPic>  going
mar 25 21:50:09 <DPic>  gone
mar 25 21:50:21 <xnox>  close but no cigar
mar 25 21:50:24 >L1pe<  whats the job spec?
mar 25 21:50:48 ---     [emonkey] Read error: 113 (No route to host)
mar 25 21:51:07 <DPic>  take meetimg minutes, contact the fridge to let them know about upcoming meetings, update the claendar and wiki (for meetings)
mar 25 21:52:11 >L1pe<  I can do that if you want
mar 25 21:52:14 <DPic>  it's not a lot of work, it's just a little but you have to do at regular intarvals
mar 25 21:52:47 <DPic>  L1pe, that would be great
mar 25 21:52:54 ---     [j_ack] "Ex-Chat"
mar 25 21:52:56 <DPic>  can i talk to you after the meeting about what to do?
mar 25 21:53:20 >L1pe<  ok
mar 25 21:53:53 <DPic>  great
mar 25 21:54:04 <DPic>  are there any other jobs that this team needs?
mar 25 21:54:23 <DPic>  i think a person or two to act as a team contact would be good
mar 25 21:54:35 <DPic>  so people can contact them instead of the list for certain things
mar 25 21:56:41 <DPic>  alright, well is there anything to add before we finish?
mar 25 21:57:03 *       xnox "Hakuna Matata"
mar 25 21:57:28 <DPic>  +1
mar 25 21:58:00 <DPic>  alright, i guess that's it
mar 25 21:58:07 <DPic>  Meeting adjourned.

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