(07:16:56 PM) DPic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings/Minutes/2008-04-08
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(07:18:38 PM) beuno: not much there  :)
(07:18:58 PM) beuno: the main idea behind these meetings is getting the team rolling again, right?
besonen_mobile beuno 
(07:19:25 PM) DPic: beuno: that's correct
(07:19:53 PM) beuno: I'm sorry I missed the previous meetings
besonen_mobile beuno 
(07:20:09 PM) DPic: beuno: no problem. glad to have you here now :)
(07:20:18 PM) beuno: IMHO, _the_ problem currently is that the team doesn't have a very well layed out purpose
(07:20:28 PM) DPic: i think it does
(07:20:29 PM) beuno: and the team lead is MIA
(07:20:34 PM) beuno: (Corey)
(07:20:46 PM) DPic: i've sort have been taking care of things lately
(07:21:09 PM) beuno: DPic, I've seen, and I'm glad you have
(07:21:12 PM) DPic: i think we just need more delegates from locos
(07:21:31 PM) DPic: we need to get more loco's involved so i was going to send out meeting alerts to the loco-contacts list
(07:22:13 PM) beuno: DPic, I think that to get the team active again we need 3 things:
(07:22:39 PM) DPic: about out teams purpose, i think i outlined it pretty well on the wiki
(07:22:42 PM) DPic: our*
(07:22:48 PM) beuno: 1) Outline who we're aiming at. Canonical does a lot of marketing, and it doesn't make sense to overlap with them
(07:23:12 PM) beuno: 2) Draw up very specific tasks and objectives and have people actively pursue them
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(07:23:28 PM) beuno: 3) Have a nice talk with the Canonical folks so we can find a way to work together
(07:23:41 PM) j_ack__ [n=j_ack@dsbg-4db7d0e7.pool.einsundeins.de] entered the room.
(07:23:42 PM) DPic: The first and primary mission of the Ubuntu Marketing Team is to resolve  Bug #1 - We work to market Ubuntu to more people. We are the central marketing hub to provide resources and materials for individuals and LoCo teams. We coordinate and organize marketing efforts across teams around the world.  
(07:23:46 PM) DPic: --from the wiki
(07:23:50 PM) j_ack left the room (quit: Read error: 113 (No route to host)).
(07:24:24 PM) beuno: DPic, right, but that's a bit too broad, as we don't, for example, but advertisement in billboards
(07:24:28 PM) beuno: as an example
(07:24:32 PM) beuno: it should be discussed
(07:25:21 PM) beuno: but I believe the team should be the main coordinator for all marketing material, and coordinate LoCos to pass on information
(07:25:27 PM) DPic: well i envisioned us as organizing marketing effots like projects and campaigns
(07:25:41 PM) poningru [n=poningru@ip70-185-101-115.ga.at.cox.net] entered the room.
(07:25:49 PM) DPic: beuno: yes, that's one of the main jobs of the team
(07:26:26 PM) beuno: I think we have previously failed in reaching out to the LoCos
(07:26:34 PM) beuno: and organizing the currently available marketing material
(07:26:44 PM) beuno: in part, due to tecnical limitations on where and how to store it
(07:26:52 PM) DPic: it was mroe of a free for all before where people organized their own independent projects
(07:27:18 PM) DPic: there's now a materials page and resources page on out wiki
(07:27:26 PM) beuno: right, and it worked pretty well for a while
(07:27:50 PM) DPic: for a while? they're fairly new
(07:28:02 PM) beuno: DPic, what is?
(07:28:29 PM) DPic: the materials and resources pages on the wiki
(07:29:12 PM) beuno: DPic, the page is, not the material
(07:29:21 PM) DPic: yeah
(07:29:27 PM) DPic: with the exception of the hardy flyer
(07:29:35 PM) beuno: ah, right
(07:29:58 PM) beuno: I also think we should finish separating the -news team
(07:30:08 PM) DPic: i've requested a forum for us so we'll need a moderator
(07:30:09 PM) beuno: and coordinate both teams as to be as effective as possible
(07:30:13 PM) DPic: anyone here think they would be up for the job?
(07:30:25 PM) DPic: the -news team? 
(07:30:41 PM) beuno: DPic, yes, UWN, Fridge, Full Circle, etc
(07:30:54 PM) beuno: those are virtually split up into a new team
(07:30:57 PM) DPic: oh yeah it would make sense for them to have their own team
(07:31:10 PM) beuno: who's objective is to inform the community at large
(07:31:21 PM) beuno: they used to be part of -marketing
(07:31:22 PM) DPic: yeah
(07:31:30 PM) tyche: And wouldn't the CC need to pass on the change?
(07:31:40 PM) cody-somerville [n=cody-som@ubuntu/member/somerville32] entered the room.
(07:31:57 PM) DPic: would they? 
(07:32:02 PM) beuno: tyche, not really, no. We've discussed it to death already, and even have a mailing list/channel/group
(07:32:03 PM) DPic: i don't think so
(07:32:15 PM) beuno: hello cody-somerville  :)
(07:32:19 PM) DPic: i can fix up the new team wiki
(07:32:39 PM) beuno: anyway, cody-somerville was in -marketing way before me, so he might have some insight too
(07:32:41 PM) tyche: What would a moderator have to do?
(07:32:53 PM) ***cody-somerville wonders what we're discussing.
(07:33:08 PM) ***cody-somerville apologizes for coming in late.
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(07:34:07 PM) DPic: cody-somerville: no problem
(07:34:13 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, mainly, how to get the team back up and running
(07:34:26 PM) cody-somerville: Ooo... Excellent :)
(07:34:29 PM) DPic: i think just asking for at least one person from each loco would be great
(07:34:30 PM) beuno: for which I tried to describe why I thought it slowly died away
(07:34:41 PM) cody-somerville: I was having a discussion about this just the other day with Persia.
(07:34:46 PM) Mike_Feravolo [n=mike@user-0c6s64c.cable.mindspring.com] entered the room.
(07:35:11 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, and I proposed:
(07:35:12 PM) beuno: 1) Outline who we're aiming at. Canonical does a lot of marketing, and it doesn't make sense to overlap with them
(07:35:15 PM) beuno: 2) Draw up very specific tasks and objectives and have people actively pursue them
(07:35:19 PM) beuno: 3) Have a nice talk with the Canonical folks so we can find a way to work together
(07:35:31 PM) ***cody-somerville nods.
(07:35:44 PM) DPic: i like out independence from canonical
(07:35:44 PM) cody-somerville: Who is the current team lead?
(07:35:57 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, Corey, which is MIA
(07:36:28 PM) ***cody-somerville nods.
(07:36:46 PM) cody-somerville: So besides Corey, is there anyone everyone would feel comfortable with leading the project?
(07:37:15 PM) ***beuno thinks it over
(07:37:32 PM) ***cody-somerville wonders if beuno should nominate himself :)
(07:37:55 PM) DPic: lol everyone nominates themself
(07:38:12 PM) ***DPic was thinking the same thing
(07:38:17 PM) ***beuno wonders if he will have the time/energy
(07:38:45 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, I think we should drag Corey into a meeting and/or email thread about this first
(07:38:52 PM) j_ack_ left the room (quit: No route to host).
(07:38:57 PM) DPic: beuno: that would probably be the best idea
(07:39:15 PM) cody-somerville: beuno, What would be the purpose of that dialogue?
(07:39:23 PM) cody-somerville:  /goal
(07:39:58 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, to get some of his insight on the issue, and to not step over him rudly  :)
(07:40:01 PM) DPic: ask him whether he will continue to lead the team
(07:40:16 PM) cody-somerville: Oh, trust me, Corey is burnt out and has admitted it several times.
(07:40:39 PM) cody-somerville: Although I don't think we need to "pick" a leader today, I think we do need to identify the core contributors and ask them to champion this revival.
(07:41:10 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, I do, and I know, it just seems like he should be included in this, unless he explicitly doesn't want to
(07:41:11 PM) DPic: do we really need a leader? i have myself as a contact on the contact us page
(07:41:18 PM) DPic: beuno: you may add yourself as well if you like
(07:41:52 PM) cody-somerville: Well, I'm currently an administrator of the team myself but as you know I'm pretty tied up with Xubuntu.
(07:41:56 PM) beuno: DPic, I'm not sure yet, and, on the other hand, you have been actively pushing this when all I've done is drop into this meeting  :)
(07:42:19 PM) cody-somerville: However, I think we have enough "authority" at this meeting to make some moving forward decisions :)
(07:42:28 PM) DPic: cody-somerville: agreed
(07:43:07 PM) DPic: i'll work on setting up the NewsTeam and also to get more teams involved with us
(07:43:20 PM) ***cody-somerville nods.
(07:43:34 PM) DPic: does anybody have any ideas for hardy or should we move on to discussion about our next project? 
(07:43:35 PM) beuno: I'd personally like to have a nice conversation with some of the Canonical folks to see how we can work *together*, and I'm willing to poke the right people to get that going
(07:43:40 PM) j_ack_ [n=j_ack@dsbg-4db7d112.pool.einsundeins.de] entered the room.
(07:43:44 PM) beuno: DPic, boredandblogging is heading that up, so talk to him first please
(07:43:57 PM) DPic: heading what up? 
(07:44:03 PM) beuno: the -news team
(07:44:11 PM) DPic: oh okay i'll talk to him then
(07:44:16 PM) cody-somerville: beuno, Is there a contact page to show who is responsible currently for what?
(07:44:19 PM) beuno: or, at the very least, UWN, which is the biggest burden
(07:44:21 PM) DPic: what would canonical provide for us? 
(07:44:43 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, not really, it never got formalised due to lack of interest in -marketing
(07:45:07 PM) beuno: DPic, I don't know, I just want to make sure we get in sync, as opposed to what used to happen
(07:45:26 PM) DPic: i personally don't think we need acnonical but it sure wouldn't hurt to get in contact with them
(07:45:38 PM) beuno: it might be what can *we* do for *them*, which, benefits all of us in the end
(07:45:50 PM) beuno: DPic, it's not about needing, it's about coordinating
(07:45:58 PM) DPic: i see
(07:46:08 PM) DPic: would you be able to contact them? 
(07:46:16 PM) beuno: they have marketing campaigns going, and we duplicate a lot of effort if we overlap
(07:46:39 PM) beuno: DPic, I have half a draft already, I talked to Gerry in london a month or so ago about it
(07:46:53 PM) beuno: (that's a yes)
(07:47:27 PM) cody-somerville: I think one of the best ways we could help market Ubuntu is by producing material to help DIY marketers.
(07:47:47 PM) cody-somerville: We constantly get requests for slideshows and the what not
(07:47:47 PM) DPic: cody-somerville: that's the purpose of our materials page
(07:48:03 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, yes, and, if we lack people to do so, just gather whatever is around and get it on one place, translated, and publisize where it is
(07:48:12 PM) ***cody-somerville nods.
(07:49:27 PM) cody-somerville: It seems we need what I'm currently working on for Xubuntu
(07:49:32 PM) cody-somerville: A strategy document
(07:49:58 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, do you remember the DIY website?  That would of been what we're wanting today
(07:49:58 PM) DPic: what kind of strategy do we need? 
(07:50:09 PM) ***cody-somerville nods at beuno 
(07:50:44 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, that would be #1 on the list for me today
(07:51:19 PM) cody-somerville: Lets ask ourselves some questions.
(07:51:56 PM) cody-somerville: What is our primary goal?
(07:52:01 PM) cody-somerville: What do we want to accomplish?
(07:52:18 PM) cody-somerville: Where do we want to market Ubuntu?
(07:52:29 PM) cody-somerville: Why do we want to market Ubuntu?
(07:52:47 PM) cody-somerville: When do we want to market Ubuntu?
(07:53:12 PM) beuno: I believe we don't actually want to market anything ourselves, that would be the LoCos job, as they have a much better reach then we ever will. We should be the support structure for them to easily market Ubuntu
(07:53:33 PM) cody-somerville: Does everyone agree with that statement?
(07:53:34 PM) beuno: so, besides providing enough material, we should also coordinate project-wide efforts
(07:53:50 PM) DPic: i think the statement on out wiki covers this
(07:53:52 PM) tyche: Education would be helpful, too
(07:54:33 PM) cody-somerville: Okay, so it seems like we've already developed a strong sense of what we want to do.
(07:55:06 PM) cody-somerville: So, how do we do that - specifically?
(07:55:57 PM) hostagexandox: having a "Mission Statement" is one thing
(07:56:10 PM) DPic: well i said i'd get more people involved from other loco's
(07:56:17 PM) DPic: that wil mean we'll have more people to work with
(07:56:26 PM) DPic: more stuff getting on out materials page
(07:56:30 PM) DPic: and more of those materials being used
(07:56:32 PM) DPic: etc. 
(07:56:34 PM) beuno: IMHO, setup some system to add/search for marketing content easily (DIY Website), and setup a procedure con how to promote specific efforts around the community
(07:56:46 PM) ***cody-somerville nods.
(07:57:16 PM) cody-somerville: Okay, so lets agree that the current project priorities are:
(07:57:23 PM) cody-somerville: 1) Create a DIY website
(07:57:23 PM) tyche: One limitation I've run into is posting something to a forum, etc.
(07:58:24 PM) cody-somerville: 2) Develop clear documentation/procedures on how LoCo Teams can market Ubuntu effectively
(07:58:44 PM) cody-somerville: 3) Promote the Ubuntu Marketing team to get more people involved.
(07:58:58 PM) DPic: cody-somerville: have you seen the LoCoActivism pages i created? 
(07:59:14 PM) tyche: Sub head to #3 is to tell them how they can contribute.
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(07:59:21 PM) cody-somerville: DPic, I haven't. Link?
(07:59:21 PM) DPic: they mostly aren't marketing but they have some useful stuff
(07:59:32 PM) DPic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoActivism
(08:00:13 PM) cody-somerville: LoCoActivisim seems to be the marketing team
(08:00:39 PM) cody-somerville: It pretty much covers point 2 from what I can see.
(08:00:54 PM) j_ack_ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:01:11 PM) JazZz99 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:01:37 PM) beuno: I agree that 1/2/3 sums it up
(08:02:08 PM) DPic: what do you all think of this idea? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/DigitalFreedomFlicks
(08:02:45 PM) cody-somerville: DPic, I dunno if it is in the scope of the Ubuntu Marketing Team at this time.
(08:02:54 PM) cody-somerville: It seems we have a hard enough time maintaining the core projects.
(08:03:13 PM) DPic: okay it seems like it would be a difficult project
(08:03:27 PM) DPic: well, i was thinking we could start a campaign to get ubuntu sold in stored
(08:03:47 PM) DPic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Campaigns/UbuntuInStores
(08:04:06 PM) DPic: and this was a blog post i was working on for it http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=ajdqhbdzgsdj_1002d86b2kc7
(08:04:47 PM) cody-somerville: Ok, lets drop the current projects listed except for Spread Ubuntu
(08:05:32 PM) DPic: would SpreadUbuntu be out DIY website? 
(08:05:34 PM) DPic: our*
(08:05:39 PM) cody-somerville: Yes
(08:05:41 PM) beuno: DPic, no
(08:05:43 PM) beuno: :p
(08:05:56 PM) beuno: bah
(08:05:58 PM) beuno: could be
(08:06:10 PM) beuno: wasn't the original idea, but I suppose we should merge those projects
(08:06:17 PM) L1pe_ [n=felipe@] entered the room.
(08:06:19 PM) DPic: seems like it would make more sense if we merged them
(08:06:23 PM) beuno: DIY was suppose to be a part of spreadubuntu
(08:06:31 PM) beuno: so DIY was the first step
(08:06:39 PM) cody-somerville: "website to provide resources for grassroots advocacy"
(08:06:47 PM) beuno: and spreadubuntu had a much larger aim
(08:06:58 PM) DPic: i see
(08:07:02 PM) cody-somerville: Okay. Understood.
(08:07:34 PM) DPic: well i'd like to see a site that could be used for any free software project and to promote free software in general
(08:07:49 PM) cody-somerville: That would be nice but out of our scope.
(08:07:57 PM) tyche: I think that's further on down the road
(08:08:08 PM) beuno: we wanted to emulate what spreadfirefox had done
(08:08:23 PM) DPic: well i don't think it would hurt to start it with that aim even if all of our content is ubuntu in the beginning
(08:08:25 PM) L1pe_ is now known as lipe
(08:08:29 PM) lipe is now known as L1pe
(08:09:18 PM) beuno: DPic, agreed
(08:10:26 PM) DPic: so could we think of a name that would encompass more than just ubuntu? 
(08:10:33 PM) DPic: i've always liked the term "digital freedom"
(08:11:02 PM) beuno: DPic, I'd rather not get in that deep
(08:11:19 PM) cody-somerville: I'm sure we could make the source code available
(08:11:26 PM) cody-somerville: and it wouldn't be hard to hard to link to other installations in the future
(08:12:08 PM) cody-somerville: However, we need to set appropriate goals that are obtainable in our _current_ situation.
(08:14:53 PM) ***beuno has to run  :(
(08:15:16 PM) DPic: beuno: alright, thanks so much for coming!
(08:15:36 PM) cody-somerville: I need to go to bed as well
(08:15:49 PM) cody-somerville: However, I think we've made progress
(08:16:07 PM) DPic: yes
(08:16:07 PM) beuno: me too, we should ping Corey and have a new meeting
(08:16:10 PM) DPic: this was a good meeting
(08:16:18 PM) cody-somerville: We've all agreed that getting more user contributed content is important and that we need to make it easier to do just that.
(08:16:27 PM) DPic: yeah
(08:16:37 PM) L1pe: :( and I missedi it. I couldn't get here erlier
(08:17:05 PM) beuno: cody-somerville, yeap, absolutely
(08:17:16 PM) cody-somerville: Once we get this one big project taken care (DIY), we can then decide on our next big project (maybe some sort of campaign).
(08:17:47 PM) DPic: i think we can handle a letter writing campaign
(08:17:58 PM) cody-somerville: DPic, Excellent idea :)
(08:18:18 PM) DPic: i'd appreciate some people's feedback on my blog postt before i publish it though
(08:18:47 PM) cody-somerville: So I assume someone that isn't going to bed can take care of updating the wiki, posting the logs and minutes, etc. etc.?
(08:19:07 PM) L1pe: that's me
(08:19:10 PM) beuno: DPic, if you email me the draft, I'll take a look at it in a few hours
(08:20:04 PM) L1pe: cody-somerville: before you wake up, at least.
(08:20:13 PM) cody-somerville: L1pe, :)
(08:20:15 PM) cody-somerville: thanks
(08:20:40 PM) tyche: FYI, -news site is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewsTeam
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(08:21:05 PM) L1pe: cody-somerville:  np, I would have like to come later and take part of the meeting, but i couldn't.
(08:21:16 PM) L1pe: *erlier
(08:21:57 PM) jchase [n=jchase@c-67-191-130-166.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] entered the room.
(08:22:00 PM) DPic: beuno: where can i find you email?
(08:22:20 PM) beuno: DPic, beuno@ubuntu.com
(08:22:58 PM) DPic: sent
(08:23:13 PM) beuno: DPic, I'll look now then
(08:25:39 PM) L1pe: well, is meeting over?
(08:25:50 PM) DPic: if nobody has anything to add
(08:25:59 PM) DPic: any last thoughts? 
(08:26:03 PM) L1pe: just to close the log :)
(08:26:20 PM) DPic: - meeting adjourned -

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