(07:00:10 PM) boredandblogging: hello
(07:00:13 PM) L1pe: hi
(07:00:15 PM) boredandblogging: meeting time?
(07:00:17 PM) DPic: hello everyone and happy earth day
(07:00:24 PM) DPic: yeah, meeting time :)
(07:00:33 PM) L1pe: hi DPic
L1pe lamont Laney leonel lifeless lionel lool Lutin 
(07:00:50 PM) DPic: hi L1pe
(07:01:07 PM) DPic: So we have a blank agenda but i think we should still talk about a few things
(07:01:16 PM) DPic: this is our last meeting before the hardy release
(07:01:30 PM) L1pe: just arrived for the meeting I thought I wouldn't get on time
(07:02:23 PM) DPic: we still haven't gotten any new flyers from LoCo's have we? 
(07:03:06 PM) boredandblogging: nope
(07:03:35 PM) L1pe: DPic I' will be sendong ubuntu-ar's flyers for flisol to the loco contact list
(07:03:47 PM) L1pe: tonight
(07:03:56 PM) L1pe: *sending
(07:04:15 PM) boredandblogging: L1pe: can you share that on the wiki?
(07:05:04 PM) L1pe: yes, sure It's in spanish, I will put it in the ubuntu-ar page on the wiki and link it from Marketing. is it ok?
(07:05:35 PM) DPic: that sounds good
(07:06:29 PM) DPic: maybe we really can't depend on LoCo's to create fliers for us and we just need more marketing team members
(07:06:41 PM) L1pe: k, I'm doing it right now
(07:07:22 PM) L1pe: DPic: maybe we can designate someone to be the "flyers coordinator" or something like that
(07:07:36 PM) DPic: what would their job be?
(07:08:34 PM) L1pe: his role in the team will be to encourage and follow up the creation/update of the fliers and related marketing
(07:09:39 PM) L1pe: I think we just need someone to focus on that as his main job in the team
(07:09:42 PM) DPic: well i think the benefit of us making out own fliers and distribute them to LoCo's is that the flyer or poster or whatever is created with the intention of being used for one team
(07:11:14 PM) boredandblogging: can't help much with that
(07:11:21 PM) boredandblogging: I have no artistic ability at all
(07:11:43 PM) DPic: well i'm not really artistic but i can create flyers as they're needed
(07:12:23 PM) L1pe: boredandblogging: I don't think the main issue is the art, the ussual problem is the redaction and the grammar
(07:12:37 PM) L1pe: (and the translation :) )
(07:13:11 PM) RoAkSoAx: why dont you just get in contact with the people who creates flyers for their own LoCo's so that way you can work together in the creation of them, and then.. after being created... they can be modified to satisfy own LoCo's needs
(07:14:11 PM) L1pe: RoAkSoAx: sure... but if someone takes the job as his main task, the task will be performed...
(07:14:51 PM) DPic: RoAkSoAx: that sounds like a good idea. we could message the marketing team and loco contacts lists to recruit people
(07:15:57 PM) RoAkSoAx: yes, that way... they would not only create flyers for the LoCo's.... but for all the Ubuntu Community to use...
(07:16:49 PM) RoAkSoAx: *(for their own LoCo's)
(07:16:58 PM) nrpil [n=nrpil@a82-95-70-74.adsl.xs4all.nl] entered the room.
(07:17:10 PM) DPic: yeah, i'll send out an email for that
(07:17:19 PM) L1pe: RoAkSoAx: yes, it would be great to ask them to make an english version to share
(07:17:34 PM) boredandblogging: ask them for an editable version
(07:17:40 PM) boredandblogging: not a flattened jpg
(07:17:45 PM) boredandblogging: or something similar
(07:18:01 PM) DPic: yeah
(07:18:08 PM) L1pe: boredandblogging: sure. some free editable format
(07:18:22 PM) DPic: well they'll be working with us so that won't be a problem
(07:19:24 PM) DPic: at the last meeting we talked about electing a leader, do we want to put that on our schedule for our next meeting? i'm not sure if we really need a "leader." I'm currently listed as a contact for this team and anyone else is free to add themself
(07:20:46 PM) boredandblogging: don't really have an opinion about it
(07:21:11 PM) DPic: it doesn't seem to be very important
(07:21:20 PM) DPic: does anyone think we should need an elected leader? 
(07:21:37 PM) L1pe: me neither. Can't we make a launchpad poll to ask the marketing team members if a leader should be elected or not?
(07:22:04 PM) RoAkSoAx: i believe that it is always useful to have a leader! that way it can conduct the team into the right direction... manage things, and decide over important decitions to make...
(07:22:34 PM) DPic: well we sort of make decisions as a team. the only thing a leader might be able to do is be a tiebreaker of sorts
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(07:25:57 PM) DPic: is there anything more we should do for the hardy release? 
(07:26:56 PM) boredandblogging: maybe see if locos need help advertising install fests
(07:27:57 PM) DPic: and how would we help? creating materials or did you have more in mind? 
(07:28:12 PM) L1pe: this saturday in all Latin america is the biggest Free software event in the world. I feel we as the marketing team are doing nothing to help with it
(07:28:59 PM) L1pe: (the locos are doing a big job, but we are not giving any marketing support to them asa far as I know)
(07:29:31 PM) DPic: i didn't even know about it. what can we do ?
(07:31:38 PM) L1pe: Good question, I don't know... any ideas?
(07:33:32 PM) Rinchen left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(07:34:24 PM) DPic: doesn't seem like we can do much in our current state
(07:34:36 PM) |Aryn| left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(07:35:18 PM) L1pe: I will send the ubuntu-ar flyer to the loco contacts list when this meeting finishes
(07:36:48 PM) L1pe: I't already in spanish an I think I can get it translated to portuguese
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(07:38:56 PM) DPic: alright great
(07:39:27 PM) Rinchen [n=joey@vc7-1-240a.dsl.netrack.net] entered the room.
(07:39:50 PM) DPic: oh and the ubuntu in stores campaign
(07:39:58 PM) DPic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Campaigns/UbuntuInStores
(07:40:48 PM) gusnan [n=gusnan@h235n1c1o269.bredband.skanova.com] entered the room.
(07:41:08 PM) DPic: should we continue trying to get people to contact stores? 
(07:43:55 PM) L1pe: hmmm did the campaign worked for someone?
(07:44:34 PM) DPic: well no, major stores haven't started selling machines with ubuntu on them but the point is to let the stores know that we want them
(07:47:12 PM) L1pe: and what are we doing for that purpose?
(07:47:57 PM) DPic: well it's left up to people to contact those stores via mail, phone, or email
(07:49:12 PM) L1pe: how we track down the people to see if anybody is responding to the campaign
(07:49:36 PM) DPic: how can we? 
(07:50:00 PM) L1pe: because maybe never has called and we have to find out another way...
(07:51:51 PM) DPic: yeah but how can we track who has contacted stores? 
(07:53:27 PM) L1pe: I don't know maybe a "call registry" wiki page
(07:53:48 PM) DPic: i could add a section to the wiki page for that
(07:53:54 PM) DPic: alright sounds good
(07:54:06 PM) DPic: anything else before the meeting ends?
(07:54:30 PM) L1pe: not here
(07:54:38 PM) DPic: going once
(07:54:41 PM) DPic: twice
(07:54:54 PM) DPic: alright everyone thanks for coming
(07:54:58 PM) DPic: meeting adjourned

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