Ubuntu Community Marketing Team - Reorganization Meeting

When: November 12 0000 GMT | November 11 1900 EST (7:00PM) (Get Your Time Here )

Where: #ubuntu-meeting | Join The Meeting By Clicking Here

Meeting moderated by John Vilsack (vilsack /\ gmail c0m)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to furthering the awareness of Ubuntu Linux. Even if you can't attend, you can still commit to the group by signing up below!

What is the Ubuntu Community Marketing Team?

The Community Marketing Team is a part of the community that focuses on developing materials and projects that are used throughout the Ubuntu Community.

How is this different than the LoCos?

The LoCos largely focus on their individual geographical locations and the community of Ubuntu Linux users at-large. The Ubuntu Community Marketing Team's primary focus is making people aware of Ubuntu Linux and getting them to understand how and why we are different, and why those differences are worth checking out.

Why a Reorganization?

The Ubuntu Community Marketing Team has been quiet for the past few years. Some projects, like the SpreadUbuntu project, have seen some success but new people join every day and are unsure what they need to do to help contribute.

The reorganization is meant to help re-align our efforts so that people can join up, and know exactly where and what they can help with!

What's the Agenda?

In the time between this message being sent and the meeting, we're going to create two enrollment forms that will allow people to volunteer to "do something" for the Ubuntu Community Marketing Team. The second list is going to be open to anyone who is willing to step up and help lead the charge. This means you will develop ideas, recruit teams, and report back to the group as a whole about progress while keeping your project on track.

We want everyone who wants to help! You choose your level of involvement!

AWESOME! I Want to Help!

1. You can enroll in this new reorganization effort by filling out this Google Spreadsheet Form. Or you are welcome to edit the wiki below to add your information.

2. On November 11/12 (see below for the time), come to the meeting by clicking here: Join IRC Freenode

3. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to give back to the community!

ACK! I can't make the meeting!

It's ok! We'll still have plenty to do, and you can still join the activists or the Core team by signing up! We'll be sure to keep everything open and transparent so everyone can stay informed!

We hope to see you all there, and we hope you'll join us in making Ubuntu even better!


To enroll, please use the temporary Google Spreadsheet set up to capture your request by clicking here.

If you would like to see who all has registered, or the information they have added, please click here.

I want to help!

* Jason D'souza <saviojason AT gmail DOT com> - Interested in Project Leadership

* Rubén Romero <huayra _At ubuntu _d0t. com> - Interested in Project Leadership


Proposal by John Vilsack, submitted 24-Feb-10: /UCMT_Restructure-Proposal

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