Here we'll keep all work in progress logos for new brand, for discuss which should be used. In this page, also, we'll keep sources allowing everybody to contributing in these tests.

Preliminary Tests, before Font availability

  • Following tests are made using the font "Liberation Sans" for letters not yet available in the new font. Letters available at moment (March 7, 2010) are those making the word UBUNTU and the "p" and "d" made by rotating and mirroring the letter "b".

Test 1, normal spacing

  • spreadubuntu-orange-3.png

Test 2, compress spacing

  • spreadubuntu-orange-2.png

Test 3, two words

  • spreadubuntu-orange-1.png


  • File source it's in GIMP Format with every test in a different layer


Final Tests

  • Those logo tests we'll be made when the new font we'll be available

Shift to a style that matches the new Ubuntu brand


Where should the navigation be placed?

The 'primary' navigation (get, make, translate, and share) is on the left (top for the home page). To match the other websites, it should be moved to the orange bar at the top, yet the logos and descriptions are still desirable. What would be the best way to keep them?

Where should secondary navigation be placed? Currently it is on the left side only for logged in users. If the primary is moved to the top, the secondary will be the only thing occupying the left sidebar, which would be a weird transition from not logged in to logged in.

Front Page

What improvements can be made to the home page? Is there any information it needs?

Is the current layout ideal? Nearly no visitor clicks any of the 'top rated materials'. Instead, they go for a 'media' or click 'get materials'.


Browsers with support for @font-face are growing large enough that we can pick whatever font we want. Do we want to use something like Liberation Sans for all text?

Materials Node

This is the layout you see when you click on a material you want, and you are given the option to download images or source. It displays information about the material. How can this be brought to the new style?

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