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DIY project description and status

This will be []. It will be a dynamic repository, enabling easy download, upload and translation. Front-end will be a Drupal-driven website, back-end will be Launchpad-driven.

We are coding this from scratch.


  • almost ready to kick off, we should shedule a meeting soon to start coding...
  • testing drupal openID integration

Task List:(don't hesitate to use...)

  • Open
    • analyse the 2 previous projects wiki pages to add important points and information to our project
    • ...
  • Assigned
    • hubuntu to contact MatthewNuzum to set up the site with drupal 5

    • pep to contact lp staff to delete the 2 old projects
    • ...

Specifications and features

We will use drupal and we plan on getting the site hosted at Canonical.

A key issue is to find out how the work flow in the site will be and implement blueprints in Launchpad that can target it. Please use our [:MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu/IdeaPool: Idea Pool] page to see the current ideas and propose new ones in this regard.

The Drupal frontend

  • When the compilation is ready, we will set up a branch in Launchpad for all the material (Time for this to happen? - proposed 14th of August 2008)
  • Our drupal code or changes will be uploaded to the LP branch as well as the material once a day.

  • The material will be organized in languages first, and secondly in regions/countries. (see further down for a classification system proposal)
  • Drupal will use OpenID from Launchpad as the ONLY login option available (which means a Launchpad account for all users). Login WILL NOT be necessary for download of material, just for upload.
  • The Drupal site will be used as an incubation site for material. t will have its own BZR branch in LP, pulled once a day.
  • We will pull all materials from Launchpad once a day, after they are in "trunk" (which means they have passed the QA - Quality Assurance control)
  • Trunk material from launchpad will be tagged in drupal in order to organize it and make it easy to access


Drupal comes with numeour modules and several versions. We may be able to use already existing modules with little or no modification to achieve our goals. Has anyone gone through the extensive list of modules yet to see what is availablle from No sense in re-inventing the wheel Smile :-) Also I suggest using drupal 5 rather than drupal 6 because it is less buggy, has more optional modules, and works with either php4 or php5. whereas drupal 6 pretty much requires php5. which may or may not be installed on the server we use to host the site. [:JohnBotscharow:]

LaunchPad & SU

  • The Drupal code will be in Launchpad
  • Every single document added to our database will be under the BZR version control system
  • The Answer tracking system will help us gather questions on the material or request (translations, changes, corrections)
  • Rosetta will help us with the translation of the material
  • The marketing tag @ Brainstorm will be followed and added to our Answer tracker system in order to find relevant request wanted by users
  • We will be working together with the Launchpad Team around the Drupal-LP OpenID integration (flacoste will most likely be our contact).
  • Right now the plan seems to be working together the main needs we have, formaulate them and start the implementation togethere with the LP Team by august. See the Drupal plugin [ blueprint @ LP] for more information

Using BZR

Classification System

The idea is to save a lot of time in the process of searching for material. We want a site that is really helpful for the marketeer. If, once SU has grown big, s/he has to browse through thousands of archives before finding the ressource s/he was looking for, we won't have achieved our goal.


A submitter comes to the site with marketing material. During the upload process, s/he has to specify a certain number of options. These can be:

  • Type of material (we'll have to think of several categories; video, presentation, slide show, speech, logo, poster, flyer, etc...)
  • Language (universal being an option if it's just a logo for example)
  • Submitting country, and if it's the case, submitting LoCo (adding some sort of upload-ticker on the map will give a sense of pride and add some spice)

  • For which purpose it was created (conference, new release, fair, plain ubuntu-love, install party... maybe think of some good, common categories here...)
  • Make a tickbox if it is specific to a certain version or variant of Ubuntu, in that case, enable specifying it per drop down menu or something...
  • Target audience (?)
  • etc...

Drupal uses a sophisticated taxonomy module. All of the different variables (language, LoCo, etc.) listed above can be set up as separate taxonomies and be made mandatory fields to be completed, either by ticking off or, better yet, allwoing multiple selection, at the time of submission. We can use any given taxonomy in one or more areas of the site, e.g., uploads, marketing ideas, and the taxonomic tags become key words in the drupal site search, thus making it easier to find a specific piece of information. The design of the classification system is of extreme importance as it will determine the design of the site taxonomy. (After discussion, we will probably attach a meta file with all the information to every document/material)

On the other side, a marketeer browses SU can sort/filter the database by one or more of the previous criteria. In this way, material will be more easily found for given purposes, or for a given language, etc... (For obvious reasons, it will be part of the role of SU admins/controlers to make sure all submitted material is filed in the right categories.)


It is important to have a nice Website we can be proud of! So add your proposals here! We're talking about the diy part only.

What will it look like?

  • Proposal: You directly come upon a dynamic directory system, with columns for language, purpose it was created for, type, date, rating, submitting loco/country, ... a search box enables quick searching of a specific document, clicking the column title sorts the list by a given criteria, and an advanced search allows to apply one or more filters to eliminate entries out of the list. Also, a preview would be a good idea, by clicking on a document, you don't directly download it but come upon a page with a little screenshot (120*120 or something like that), a brief description, and the possibility to rate it and add comments/suggestions. You would also have a 'Translate' button, where you can translate the document into your language, this would forward to Rosetta, with the filter on the given document. Somewhere standing out in the page frame, you would have these two buttons 'Browse' and 'Upload', I think it is best to make it as simple and ergonomic as possible. (Still working on it... just had an idea... mockup to follow...)

Previous ideas

These are mockups of previous projects, to give an idea what they had in mind: [ one] [ two] (probably more relevant to what we now understand under SU, so to be kept in mind...)

Recollecting Currently Existing Material


Find a collaboration framework with LoCos and other teams within the Ubuntu community.

  • A solution would be to contact every other team and ask them to implement a Marketing related page

  • Another way is to go around to LoCo wikis haunting for marketing material information sources

  • Get and upload the material itself (not only the links) here in the wiki. See below for more information.

Material compilation

We have a [:MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu/diy/Materials:material compilation page] of our own. Add links and marketing material there.

SUGUI (spreadubuntu gui)

This is a Client side program for designers. The project driver is :meisok:, but he does undeerstand English if you drop him a line, so don't be afraid to do so if you are interested Wink ;) (English translation to follow...) Sugui es el nombre en clave para la aplicacion de acceso al stock de recursos desde nuestro escritorio, creada con la finalidad de facilitar el trabajo de diseñadores y colaboradores.

Leonov as our base?

We have just found [ Leonov] (it's [ @ Launchpad] too) which could basically be tha base for SUGUI: a Launchpad Client (Gnome/GTK and KDE/QT).

  • Leonov should be fairly easy to integrate with other apps to show the contect stored in LP for the SU project, so designers can have easy and understandable access to the material, without having to learn the LP wheel Wink ;)


  • Interfaz en GTK 2.x
  • Organizacion por tipo de contenidos, etiquetas y arbol clasico de directorios.
  • Posibilidad de añadir material (?) (usando open ID de launchpad?)(Para esto se podrian crear varias categorias, para distinguir las modificaciones y las sustituciones de las nuevas aportaciones, habra items en los que resultara mas practico actualizarlos en vez de crear una copia igual pero con unas lineas cambiadas)
  • Crear copia local del stock (con bzr?) (quizas poner esto como opcion?), actualizar copia local cada vez que se arranque la aplicacion (hacer esto tambien opcional?)
  • marcadores (?)
  • Traducir gui y manual al mayor numero de idiomas posibles.
  • Integrar en los menus opciones para poder abrir los archivos directamente con la aplicacion correspondiente (a poder ser configurable, ya que cada persona usa su software preferido. Habria que evitar que al abrir directamente con la aplicacion un archivo, nos guarde los cambios sobre el archivo original sin avisar, quizas que automaticamente cree una copia sobre la cual trabajar...)


Se busca conseguir un interfaz de trabajo que nos proporcione una vision amplia de los contenidos, y al mismo tiempo ofrezca una forma de desplazamiento y navegacion rapida.