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 * '''Mailing list:'''  * '''Mailing list:''' [ Subscribe here] Mail us here:


The Ubuntu Marketing Team consists Ubuntu users who volunteer to promote [:DigitalFreedom:digital freedom], [:DigitalRights:digital rights], and Ubuntu. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute.

All in accordance with the [ Ubuntu Code of Conduct]


  • The primary mission of the Marketing Team is to resolve [ Bug #1]

  • Our goal is to help increase Ubuntu's share of the operating system market through various methods including but not limited to the sharing of information, advocacy, and education.
  • We work towards being the central marketing hub to provide resources and materials for individuals and LoCo teams and coordinate/organize marketing efforts across LoCo teams around the world. We respect the autonomy of the LoCo's to decide their own course of action and will assist them in whatever way each LoCo feels is appropriate for them.

  • Our target market is the existing Ubuntu Community, and LoCo's and Ubuntu-Team's to start with. We can then enable the Community to build on each others efforts, just like we do to write software. Your code is patched by my code which is patched by their code which makes it better.

  • We will establish a liason with Canonical's marketing department to coordinate our respective efforts and to facilitate the flow of marketing information between the Ubuntu community and Canonical.

Join Us

To join the Ubuntu Marketing Team:

If you are interested in participating in this team, please scroll down to read more.

Getting Involved

The marketing team is always looking for more people to help out. We have huge plans to bring the wonder of Ubuntu to the world and the more people helping to do that the faster we can make progress. Please read through the pages linked to from this page to get an idea of what we are currently working on.

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